Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Chalene Johnson's 30-Day Challenge

This morning came knocking early.  It was exactly 4:17 AM when my body told me to wake up.  After doing what necessitated my way-before-sunrise wakening, sleep was attempted once more. Silly me.  I should know me better than that. At precisely 4:59 AM, reluctantly throwing in the towel for more slumber, I felt around for my cozy sweater and fuzzy slipper socks.  It's astounding what super powers one possesses in the dark. Rather than sit with my coffee perusing the countless paid programming/infomercials available, I decided it was time to put fingers to keyboard and write something.  I'd thought about just slapping up the video I made and posted on youtube yesterday.  This post is really an expansion of what is touched on in the nearly 5 minute video. It's available for viewing after the text.

It won't be long and the new year will have been rung in.  For some of you it'll be a fond farewell to a year that didn't deliver what you'd hoped it would.  For others, like myself, you'll look back fondly on the countless blessings.  But not for long will you look back because it will hinder your ability to look ahead.

As 2010 was being sung in with Auld Lang Syne, my personal resolution was to get healthy -- how often had that been my promise? While the rest of the world was diving in head first on their quests to stop smoking, eat healthier, exercise, etc, ... and ultimately setting themselves up for failure or quitting within a month or so, yours truly was not budging.  It took until March to begin that resolution.  At that point can it still be thought of in those terms?

Here I am 45 pounds lighter and showing no signs of quitting.  Sure, there have been hurdles, stumbling blocks and a full gainer off the wagon.  What's different is that there was never a sense of defeat or failure.  Throwing up a white flag of surrender was never an option.  So, with that being said and statistics about new year resolutions being considered, what has transpired is a change and not a resolution. What's the difference? From my perspective a resolution is null and void if you don't back it up with personal accountability. Just saying it out loud isn't enough. Every single day you have to hold yourself accountable for the change you want to see.  Write it down in several places.  Set reminders of what your goals are in your fancy shmancy phone.  Make a pop up reminder on your computer.  It's easy to let things go to the wayside if it isn't in our face.  Enlist a squadron of support.  Don't ask the person who enables your bad habits to be your buddy. It's difficult when your enabler lives with you, but BE STRONG! I've found so much support online for my endeavors to be healthy.  People who've never shared the air space I breathe have championed me.  Don't discount the value of social networking.  Remember, while our families and close friends love us unconditionally, they are also comfortable with us 'as is' and shifting their personal perception of us is not always a pill they are ready to swallow.  So, do not give up on yourself based on what people close to you feel or say.  Ignore the naysayers and cut out your own thoughts of self-sabotaging ridicule.When you piss and moan about everything you don't have or constantly toss negativity into the cosmos, it will eventually be flung right back at you. Misery does love company.

Change is not easy. The first quest on my agenda is to get organized. Between my promotion to lab manager and developing my Team Beachbody business, it's an absolute necessity to keep order in my life.  Rather than make some lame attempt to go it alone, I'm turning to a pro.  The guru-ess of social media and organization: Chalene Johnson.  Again, this is all about accountability. There's that doggone word again. Dagnabit! But it works. If you're interested in getting organized so you can achieve your goals in 2011, then I strongly urge you to take advantage of Chalene Johnson's 30-Day Challenge. Hurry! Time is ticking away.

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