Thursday, December 31, 2009

When we look up at the same bright moon

Color me shmoopy. Say I'm hypnotized by the glorious full moon. This song just popped up on my playlist. It's as lovely as the moonlit night.



    The MOON & the TUNE.

    I will go directly to Amazon & order this cd.

  2. Schmoopy!

    It was quite beautiful :)

  3. I'm quite smitten with the vocal stylings of Imelda May. Finding her was purely accidental. I was drawn to the pink on the CD cover.

  4. Carson Daly had her on awile ago. She only sang one song -- Johnny Got a Boom Boom. They were billing her as `` the NEW Dublin Rockabilly`` but after hearing THIS song, she's sooo much more, & it made me order the cd. I think I'll love all the tunes on it.

    You can't believe how hard it is pouring right now in St. Pete! We're trapped inside, but it's OK. My Dad is spinning Tony Bennett on VINYL. We're all going to his show Wed at Ruth Eckerd. My Mom is glad he's finally taking her out on a date!

  5. Awesome, CAT!All the best to you and your parents ... *swoon* Tony.


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