Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A moment is all it takes

A moment is all it takes. This is not a new concept, but it's something requiring self reminding.  In the blink of an eye tragedy can strike. That's the way of the world.  When that happens we often reflect upon the importance of the people in our lives. A life altering incident causes our lifetimes to flash before our eyes as we grasp for something positive.  Such a situation didn't happen.  This isn't a cause for concern out of the norm.  I apologize if this initially heightened your worry censors. I'm fine. Mancub is doubly fine.  The moment in time that is the subject is the good moments.  We all (hopefully) have those seconds in the day that manage to put a beautiful spin on what seems to have been filled with sighs of mundane.

Earlier this morning I took a silly Facebook quiz to determine my real age.  Biologically I'm 44.  I have no qualms about aging, but it was something fun to do that my life long friend had already participated.  Her age was 23. Mine was 34.  Being overweight and a self-described couch potato adds years on, but my overall happiness gave me 10 years youth.  That Internet moment of bonding with my friend was one of those minuscule strands of time I speak of.  Additionally, she posted a photo of herself and husband taken by her sister-in-law.  If a picture speaks volumes, then that snapshot tells me how ridiculously loving they are to each other.

Yesterday was our annual Hometown Day.  A company wide day of giving.  That in itself is cause for joy, but there were seconds within that occasion is what pushed my sluggish mood up and over the hump to full-on laughter and exhuberance.  A conversation from an unexpected phone caller lifted my spirits and aided me in being far less cranky than my aching, tired body and mind wanted to be. Sixty seconds to change a day.

Additionally, nearly each weekday morning I spend about an hour and a half corresponding with someone whom I adore beyond the boundaries of words.  It doesn't matter what the subject is in our emails, those approximate 5,400 seconds give new life and meaning to my day.  The vitality between the syllables shared is caffeine to infinity.  There are 24 hours in a day, but the most meaningful part of the day consists of moments.

What I'm saying is that while people want to look at the big picture. We don't always take the time to see that it's the tiny pixels and specks of brilliant, opulent colors that give us hope, joy, laughter ... the moments in life that often take our breath away.


  1. A reminder we all need now and then. <3

  2. *replaces lyrics to "Smile, Darn Ya, Smile!" from "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" to include "dial" instead .....*

  3. I can totally relate to your last 2 paragraphs -- I am lucky to have somebody who inspires me the exact same way.

    "The vitality between the syllables shared is caffine to infinity" is GENIUS!

    I know that someday you will have a `paid writing gig`

  4. Cat, thank you so much. A paid writing gig!? That'd be kickass, for sure.
    My sister texted me to tell me a local bakery has LIMPA for the holidays. I can't wait to try it and compare to the special interpretation recipe my dad used.


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