Thursday, December 31, 2009

My NYE Earworm

This has been melodically looping in my head since early this morning.  I finally had to listen to it. I think it shall be my new ringtone.  2010 (twenty-ten? two thousand ten?) will be a year of positivity and good vibes, my friends. This should start it off quite nicely.

"How can I tell you about my loved one?"


  1. "Silly Love Songs" is the first 45 that I ever bought. I was quite taken with "Band on the Run", but it took me until "Silly Love Songs" to save up enough allowance to actually purchase a single, lol.

  2. He really did love Linda. A young Paul and Wings, silly love songs with perfect tone and pitch, ideally hummable, from a time when vinyl jackets had photos that we could peruse for all of the 20 minutes per disc side. Thanks for the memories, Wild.


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