Friday, December 25, 2009

Holy Crap! You got me a Wii!

So, those are not the most eloquent words ever exclaimed on Christmas morning, but it was a sentiment of true surprise. My son had no idea what he was getting today. He's fully aware of the challenges I meet each month financially. He's never been a gimme gimme kid. He's joyful no matter the gift.

I gave him games to go with the Wii before he unwrapped the console. I feigned surprise that I grabbed the wrong game system versions."Oh, poo! Well, you can exchange them for PS2."

His reply was not surprising, "Well, my cousins have Wii systems. Maybe they'd like them as gifts."

It was then when I got up and reached behind the couch to reveal yet another gift. He noticed how heavy it was when I sat it on his lap. He screwed up his face in wonder. Here's the result:

Additionally, Mancub is the proud owner of a Trek bike. Santa has some amazing elves, let me tell you. I prefer to call them Heaven's angels on Earth. This spring I hope to write about our many journeys on our bikes -- I inherit the hot red bike he got last spring.

Before all the excitement over the Wii and the bicycle began, I had a few hours of quiet time. Earlier this week, a gift traveled over the ocean to get to me, but instructions were that I couldn't open it until Christmas. It wasn't easy abiding but I managed. Knowing there was a gift in the box for Mancub, as well, I considered waiting for him to wake up. With coffee brewing, I opted to give in to my anxious, child like excitement and carefully cut the packing tape that came between me and my gift.

Tears flowed bountifully. It's not so much what took residence inside the box that turned me into an sobbing mess in my kitchen. A few words inscribed in a book took my breath away. Words having the power to reach into my soul and embrace me ... a much needed hug that reached me from the other side of the world. The true beauty of Christmas and friendship ... and yes, love.

Merry Christmas. ∞♥


  1. Merry Christmas! I'm delighted to hear that your Christmas has been so blessed.

  2. It even got me a little teary eyed...thank you for sharing!! Merry Christmas!!

  3. That's cool. What I can't get over is how deep Spen's voice has gotten, but then I guess it's been nearly 6 years since I last saw either of you in person... sob...

  4. Awesome! I think "holy crap!" is a perfectly appropriate response to such a surprise. You are fortunate indeed.

  5. Very nice!

    But .... let's call a spade a spade: Get Mancub to call it by its proper name:

    "Why-Eye" .... no "we" .....


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