Sunday, December 13, 2009

Small Appliances and the Single Girl

It's Sunday morning and all I hear is the hum of the furnace. When I awoke before 6 AM, I got my coffee brewing and crawled back into bed. A half hour later it was apparent that dozing off wasn't going to happen.  Once my brain is alerted that it's a new day it just won't shut off.  By nature I am not a list maker, but jotting mental notes is not unheard of. The bad thing about that is the task needs to be committed right away or it will be forgotten. 

Tiny Post-It Notes line my computer monitor. Sometimes the notations actually make enough sense to jar my memory.  One of them says "new coffee pot."  The current model makes the java juice OK, but it leaks all over the counter.  I have an incontinent coffee maker.  Bounty Paper Towels to the rescue.  While laying in bed, the thought occurred to me to price Keurigs.  I know they are pricey, but a girl can dream.  This line of thinking drove me to daydream about other small appliances that would do me good -- not that kind of small appliance.  No really! It's a neck massager.

I've been threatening to buy a George Foreman Grill.  We have a couple of them at work that get lots of use provided someone cleaned them after using. I don't own a grill, but pan frying a steak or chicken breast isn't the same without the grill marks. And the broiler is a royal pain the tushy! The smoke and clean up is a total bitch. No thank you.  Since there are two residents in this household, I require the bigger one. Grilled veggies are so tasty, too.  I was perusing a couple different store sites and was surprised by the number of models available. Like Foreman's kids, they all have the same name, but different.  I'm particularly fond of those with removable grill plates -- easier clean up.

Bread makers.  OY! I thought there were a lot of Foreman Grills on the market. Egads! I am not Suzy Homemaker nor do I have the inclination to perform the toils required to make bread.  I watched my Dad for years puttering around the kitchen kneading the dough, letting it rise, kneading it some more. The house was permeating an aroma that could be smelled a block away.  I have to question how much I'd use a bread maker after the novelty wore off.  If you own one, do you still use it often enough to justify the room required to store it?

So there you go. My Sunday morning though processes shared. The Wedding Singer is on and I think I'll watch it ... for the 30th time.


  1. Hey Riss - you want to be gettin yourself a Keurig. I have owned and used more than a dozen coffee brewing devices and methods over the past couple decades; Braun, Krups, french press, steam driven espresso, Turkish (aka cowboy coffee), and recently Flavia (kinda like a Keurig or Tassimo). I have officially settled in with my Keurig. Yes, the cost per cup is a bit higher, but if you typically brew a full pot, consider how much you wind up pouring down the sink. Next, consider the effort involved to rinse out the carafe, fill up the tank, toss out the old filter with soggy grinds, new filter, spoon in the coffee and then wait for the pot to be brewed. The longer the pot sits on the hot plate, the funkier the coffee gets, unless you transfer it to a thermal carafe. Now, behold the instant gratification of the Keurig. Lift handle, drop in a K-cup of your choosing, drop the handle, push a button. In about 40 seconds you have a fresh brewed cup ready to roll. And guess what? It *tastes good*! Dare I say, tastes great. I'm one of the more snobby coffee drinkers I know and this is the only quick brew coffee system that I enjoy drinking. We used to have the Flavia, which was pretty good. I tried Keurig while visiting another work location and was sold. Another thing, you can get the permanent filter adapter that enables you to use your own ground coffee in a pinch. Very handy. I keep Starbucks beans vacuum sealed in the freezer just for such occasion. We troll e-bay for deals on k-cups or I'll hop out to the bed, bath and beyond and pick up a box or 2 if needed.

    Re: bread making machine, the honeymoon wears off very quickly and then you'll be sleeping in separate beds. If you want home baked bread, just make it from scratch. It's not that much of a hassle and like I do with my pizza dough, make it in batches and freeze dough for future use. Consider how many times you think you'll use a bread maker and divide the purchase price. Seriously, I used my bread maker about 10 times, then it collected dust, so that works out to about $10 bucks a loaf. Use that $ for a Keurig instead.

    ~ Johnny

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  3. Must to be getting a Foreman grill - I have already worn a couple out over the years they have been used so much. They are great and very handy. Even better you can throw a couple frozen Bubba Burgers on there and wha la - dinner in a flash. Chicken, small steaks, porks chops - endless. All of it better for ya too.


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