Friday, December 18, 2009

I'm no domestic goddess, but ...

A couple of weeks ago the temperatures here took a swift dip into the danger zone. Like it is often, the wind chill factor was the real culprit.  Gusts up to 50 mph hour were predicted. Business at the work place was dreadfully slow.  So slow that my presence was not required.  Suddenly I had a free day and the baking bug bit me.  Beyond boxed brownies and a bi-yearly batch of Toll House Cookies, this girl doesn't bake.  My kitchen is lucky if it ever sees a spatter of olive oil. I cook out of necessity. But holiday baking? Get out of the city!

I bundled myself up and head out into the blustery, frigid day.  My intention was to buy the pre-fab sugar cookie dough in the tube, but as I made my way through the store I had collected ingredients to bake from scratch.  I felt my head for fever. Then, I thought perhaps all of this was a dream and I'd awaken in my warm cozy bed.  Upon departing the store it was obvious that I was wide awake because the strong winds nearly had me falling backwards.  Pushing the cart against the wind proved to be quite a workout.

Once I made it back home, I immediately turned on the oven and got to measuring and mixing.  There was disappointment when I realized that not one cookie cutter was to be found. Duh! Why would there be any, moron!? You don't bake.  A tumbler cup would provide circles and the squeeze tubes of sugar cookie frosting would have to be decoration enough.  Sorry, no gingerbread boys or snowmen to grace the plate.

Just as the first batch was about to go in to the oven, Mancub arrived home. He was not only shocked to see me baking, but happy we'd get to decorate them together. It always does his heart good to hear that I'm not required to work the closing shift.

The tumbler used was quite large. Because of that, the quantity of cookies per batch was decreased, but oh boy, they were beautiful, chewy and delicious.  Bigger is better, right? Am I right?  Proudly I offered them to  co-workers. While my coworkers are known for eating just about anything put on the table, I am confident their praises were honest.


  1. You go, cookie girl! Nothing like a free day to bring out the need for baked goods in a person. Those are pretty cookies! *drool*

  2. Wow Riss, they look amazing! I'm so impressed!

  3. thank you! We baked shortbread cookies with the chocolate center, too. I even made a batch of peanut butter ones. mmmmmm

  4. That is a talent, no doubt about it! :)

  5. I don't bake, & I try not to (over)eat... but WOW! those look >> FESTIVE~SCRUMPTIOUS! You guys are >> FROSTING ARTISTES!

  6. The cookies are gorgeous-I think that you are secretly a baker trying to hustle us into some cookie bake-off or something!


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