Friday, July 31, 2009

"Thank God he was here..."

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm extremely proud of my son. Sometimes he does a good deed without realizing that his actions are just that: A deed well done.

This evening, after a week away from home and no contact with his friend K, Mancub decided to pay his friend a visit once we returned from our tour of dog watching doody. About an hour after his departure, the phone rang. It was K's mom. With a sense of panic in her voice she inquired if Mancub had returned home. My heart thumped a bit. She informed me that while Mancub was visiting, K suffered a seizure.

According to her account, the boys were playing a video game on the lower level of the house. Mancub realized his pal wasn't just behaving strangely when he flopped off the chair. He also realized K had knocked himself on the door when he started seizing. He ran up the stairs calling out for help.

K's mom told me they were so grateful for Mancub's unexpected visit because had it not been for him they might not have discovered K's trauma until it was too late. "Thank God he was here!"

She asked that Mancub call her and to share what he witnessed so they know more precisely what to tell his doctor. I'm touched by her concern for my son's well being after what he witnessed.

After hanging up, I walked to the corner and made my way toward K's house. I was concerned that my own son would be shaken and upset after what he saw his friend endure. Fortunately, he was composed. He told me he was aware that K had suffered previous seizures, but took medication to lessen their presence.

He recounted the events to me and I fought back tears. It's my firm belief that Mancub was fated to pay a visit to his good buddy. I say this because he doesn't typically go to his friend's home. He waits for K to visit us. However, he wasn't sure which phone number to call to let K know we were back home. So, he slipped on his flip flops and off he went.

I told him what K's mom said about being grateful he was there at the time it happened. With that, Mancub smirked.

Yep, no doubt in my mind that today's visit wasn't an accident. It was a divine intervention that involved my terrific kid.

Thank you God.


  1. Awesome! I love it when those things happen. I've been on both ends of that situation before. Nothing short of divine intervention is right!

  2. LOVE this story. I am also a believer in divine timing. Great way to start my morning -- thank you for sharing and I'm glad everyone is ok :)

  3. K is a blessed being and your mancub is a blessing. All fits so perfectly together.

  4. There are no accidents in life.

    Thank God your Mancub has his wits about him. Most excellent actions on his part. Kudos to you both.

    I hope K is recovering well.


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