Friday, July 24, 2009

Six degrees of ....

Nothing speaks to me at this time better than "Sorcerer" from Streets of Fire. Oh, you don't know that little number? It's a good one. Diane Lane's character sings it. Marilyn Martin was the actual voice while Stevie "Elmer Fudd in a Juicer" Nicks sang back up vocals. Stevie wrote the song, by the way. Marilyn's name might be more familiar coupled with Phil Collins on the song "Separate Lives" from the film White Nights starring Mikhail Baryshnikov and Gregory Hines. The soundtrack for Streets of Fire is worth picking up. Seriously! The movie is totally campy, but sometimes superb soundtracks come from the bowels of craptastic flicks. It's overflowing with vocal fakers. The fabled Sorels dance and mouth "I Can Dream About You" while uber caucasian Dan Hartman really did the work.

Hmmmm Diane Lane lip syncs in Streets of Fire as Ellen Aim. Michael Pare' co-stars as the gun toting bad ass out to be her rescuer when she's abducted by a leather sporting Willem Dafoe. Now that I think of it, Michael Pare' lip syncs in Eddie and the Cruisers. John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band provide the sound. The sound that is very much like Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. Hmmm I think there's a Six Degrees of ??? here. Could I be on to something? I'm half way there.

Help a sister out!

This post has taken on a life of its own. The direction is absolutely not where I was heading, but here we are. I'm tired and house/dog sitting for my sister who has taken her family to Disney World. This is what I had hoped to be my stay-cation, but alas, that is not materializing. I'm a little scorned and sore over not getting much time off from work. Someone else was taking a real vacation. I'm working seven days in a row. Beware on day seven. Hell hath no fury like that of a worn out Riss. I'm caring for two homes, 2 cats, 2 dogs, working f'ing retarded hours and I'm expected to maintain my sanity and keep smiling?

Heh. We'll see how it all turns out.

OK, you have a task at hand. Let's take this six degrees of separation to the end. I know you can do it!!


  1. I am reeling after reading this post, and possibly more confused than you are. Drink some more sangria...and have one for me :)

  2. Completely puzzled with what connection you feel needs to be made. In blatant truth, EVERYONE from this era of entertainment was intertwined in some way. Just another example why this decade was the best.

    Here is where you're making my head go:
    1.) Dan Hartman -> played a bartender in the video for his own damn song. (GREAT song, BTW). Died in 94, I believe it was complications from AIDS. No Springsteen connection that I know of.

    2.) Michael Pare-> 80's heartthrob who couldn't handle the pressure of aging and (from what I've heard) beats out N. Cage for Worst Hair Plugs award. His lipsyncing was far from stellar, and although E&TC was a cult classic, it's sequel was worse than Ishtar.

    3.) John Cafferty and his... um... unfortunately named Beaver Brown Band-> Oftentimes compared to Springsteen, but I personally don't think their voices sound alike whatsoever. Had one more decent radio hit in the 80's [Tough All Over -'85] before pulling an "Eddie Wilson" himself and disappearing. The Boss, however, will never fade away.

    4.) Perhaps you have a psychic tie to me... because JC&TBBB is making you think of Springsteen, who wrote "Hungry Heart" for Joey Ramone, and then renigged and recorded it himself... and I just wrote a post all about Joey Ramone.
    (Tapping finger to temple) I'm with ya, Riss. Pass the sangria.

  3. this all seemed so much clearer when it flowed from my fingertips the night I wrote it. Sorry to have been confusing. In my brain it all makes perfect sense ... once you get through the dust bunnies :D
    Thanks for playing.

  4. Off Topic Riss,

    I'm going to the GREEN DAY SHOW at the Forum in Tampa next Monday & I will be on SD reconnaisance. I've yet to see him at any shows there, but I'll be looking.

    My BF is friends with the opening band >Kaiser Chiefs, so we're supposed to get backstage. I have the advantage cuz I know what he looks like, but he doen't know me. Maybe he'll be around back there?

  5. Oh yeah,

    You should check out the DEAL DIVA'S controversial ``MENSTRUAL CUP`` post today.


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