Thursday, July 23, 2009

Breaking bad

I have survived a full day without Plurk. I managed to limit my posts on Facebook. Although, I couldn't resist a quiz to find out what my mind is most like. For the record, after 4 questions I learned my mind is like the ocean. The grooviest thing is that the dude who first took the quiz (Chip Carter of Tampa Bay-Fox) said my comment was a Sean Daly comment! His result was THE SUN and he said he figured it would be a black hole. "How about Black Hole Sun?" was my remark. And there ya go.

Very little is required to get me excited, clearly.

One of the nice things, thus far, to come out of departing from Plurk is that I've been communicating via email with more than 140 characters -- Plurk and Twitter limit you to 140 characters per comment.

I'm also receiving some words of encouragement and praise. Being someone who loves attention but gets embarrassed when it's given, this is ideal! The thoughts shared are between me and the correspondent. A lot can be learned when third party eyes aren't reading. Dig it!

One day I might actually learn to embrace the phone for conversational purposes.


Exciting news on the bra front! After reading one of my blog entries about not finding a decent or properly fitting brassier, Facebook and Stuck in the '80s friend, Michelle, linked me to an article from the Washington Post. A professional bra fitting boutique was featured. It's really interesting and I think most women (over 80%) need to realize they are most likely not wearing the right bra. The Full Cup, as a result of the article, has been inundated with calls and emails begging for reservations for bra fittings. They warn that it may take some time to return emails, but to rest assured they will do their best to reply.

Being a woman of desperation in the breast harness arena, I wrote to them. I shared my painstaking, horrendous quest for a properly fitting bra. I shared that stores like Victoria's Secret and fine department stores don't give a rat's ass about women who tote around breasts larger than 38 DD. I joked that if they had a scholarship program so I might travel to Alexandria, VA where they are located, I'd like to sign up. I didn't expect to hear back from them.

A week later an email was in my in-box from The Full Cup. It wasn't a form letter. It was personalized and charming. Included in my original email was a request for a local enterprise that has a similar 'reservation only' bra fitting. She obliged with a link to myintimacy where there are 4 locations in the Chicago area. I had hoped for something closer to me, but I knew better to get those hopes too high.

So, what that means is the girls and I will have to plan a day to take a road trip to one of those locations. Finding a bra that is ideal for me is possibly more important and monumental than finding a man who suits me. It's an uplifting notion, to say the very least.


  1. You & Sean are very like-minded -- both bursting with clever, music-related ideas. I have noticed that.

    That's why I love both of your blogs.

  2. BTW, today is the FIRST >> LEO DAY OF THE YEAR. I know you're a LEO, & so am I (Aug 3rd).

    Our horoscope says "Confidence is like a light that emanates from us & makes us GLOW!"... ALRIGHT !!!

    THIS IS LEOS' TIME TO GLOW !!! I can just feel the crackling ~LEO ENERGY~ in the air !!!

  3. I have to admit, I am missing the HELL out of you on Plurk. However, I do understand your reasoning. I may have to investigate The Full Cup, as I have a similar quest!

  4. How neat that they personally responded to you!

  5. Now I've got to investigate plurk. It doesn't have anything to do with bras, right?

  6. Sherrie! I miss your daily reports. Always a bright spot in my day. I guess you'll have to be witty and clever on FAcebook, too.

    Chase, yeah! Check it out. Jane is on there. she's the reason I started using it to begin with.

    Cat, *rawr* We are Leos hear us roar!


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