Friday, July 31, 2009

More to Love -- less is more, douchebags

I just watched the Fox program More to Love. It's about a chubby dude who seeks the love of pleasantly plump women who he finds absolutely delectable. HE claims that his weight has always held him back in dating, but according to his former high school girlfriend, he was buff and hot. Whatever. He's seeking hot momma's like me, beeeotch.

Although the premise isn't awful (awful being relative in terms to reality/dating TV), after all, everybody deserves to find love. I must take issue with a detail that I believe is utterly unnecessary. On The Bachelor and The Bachelorette I believe they reveal the age and profession of the love seekers. There's no discussion about how much bachelorette from Poughkeepsie weighs. My major concern with MORE TO LOVE is that they state the height and weight of the women vying for Luke Lots to Love's love.

Love comes in all shapes and sizes. Get the frak over it, you "must be skinny to be hot" haters. I needed to get that out because I've been reading a little on other blogs making such claims.

What the effing hell!? It's clear the women and the man are hefty. Some bigger than others. We get it. These babes have a lot to offer. Why must it be emphasized just how much more is present?

As a larger woman, I find this irritating to no end. I have no idea if my big ass and jiggly cellulite infested thighs deter men from dating me. There's absolutely no way I'd wear my weight on my chest like Hester Prin and her scarlet letter. That is for certain. What's the point? Clearly anyone can tell I'm not petite by the size of my badonkadonk and breasticles. Is knowing the telling weight on the scale really going to make or break a man's interest in me?

Does anyone know the justification for posting the weight of the contestants? They aren't trying to lose weight while wooing the Fat Guy in the Little Suit. Actually, the object of affection is cute. I like a big, cuddly guy ... 'cuz I know I won't break him in two when it comes to looooooovin'


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  1. Don't get me started on the entire using BMI to determine someone's health. It was found to be a poor system of measurement in the 1800s when it was created, it ain't any better now. Any scale that puts Cowboys QB Tony Romo as borderline obese and someone who's a size 4 can be considered overweight is pretty messed up.


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