Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Me and my blue box

I'm not at home.

For those thieves who might know where I live, don't bother. There's nothing of real value there. Plus, consider yourselves warned if you're immediately attacked by two felines. I can't be held responsible for their actions upon violating the security of my domicile. Silver, as some of you may remember, has a deafening yelp and howl. Perpetrators will beg for mercy. Mo-mo stops, drops and rolls in front of her assailants thereby causing a nasty spill which renders them helpless.

Fear the felines.

I've not felt inspired to write lately. I suspect going from my house to my sister's house is taking a toll on me. Perhaps I need to be in my comfort zone. If you read my previous post you fully grasp how my brain operates when I'm not in familiar territory. That was mighty scary.

I'm going to let my mind ramble and discuss the mundane. You're giddy with anticipation, aren't you?

One of the perks of being employed in optics is complementary eyewear. I suppose I shouldn't be telling you this. It might be a trade secret. It's a benefit like health insurance and holiday pay. Anyway, I've been holding on to my certificate for a couple of months. One mustn't rush things when picking out eyeglasses one would otherwise never be able to afford. When one is getting something for free -- free being a relative term considering that I perform work that helps the corporation make a profit-- you go for the gusto!

Demographics plays a huge role in the styles each location carries. With that being said, nothing we provide for our patients has caught my eye. It's all too familiar. With another location being 30 minutes away, it's worth the drive to pick up something stellar! Unique! Pricey!

My former boss and friend works where higher end items are stocked. He's responsible for convincing me that I could wear blinged out red frames. Ever since I got those he's been trusted to help many of my other co-workers with their complementary purchases.

Yesterday he called to give me hell for not being in touch lately. In the course of the conversation he told me about a cool new frame that recently arrived at the store. Tiffany & Co. Ooh la la! Consider me there!

With Monical's Pizza Pepperollies in tow (he loves those delectable rolls of doughy goodness), I made my way up I-57. My date with destiny.

The frames that he originally picked out for me were a bit too fashionably brazen. While I thought they were crazy-funky-cool, I wouldn't wear them often. They were white and aqua with a splattering of sparkle. Truly gorgeous, but not quite everyday (or even every other day that starts with 't') wear.

In a matter of minutes I found the gem that would reside upon my face.

Upon first glance you're probably thinking they are just drab, tortoise frames, huh? They almost rate with Army issue birth control glasses, eh?


With just a turn to the left or right you see ...................

Hundreds of sparkling crystals.



Dayummmm is that a brooch attached the sides?

This may very well be the only time I'll possess the highly coveted Tiffany & Co. little blue box. And I suppose that's all right. At least it's something I got for myself ... and I didn't get it at Jared ... feh!


  1. Good things come in blue boxes. They look OUTSTANDING!

  2. WOW! I mean WOW!!!!!! Love love love! Hope to see some pictures of you wearing them soon. Wow...

  3. Oh, pictures will certainly follow. Since I'm not at home, it's not as easy to upload and post pics. Plus, I had smudgy mascara under my eyes when I wrote this post. Really, that's the only reason. I looked like shit LOL

  4. I came back to look at those frames again! It almost makes me wanna put on glasses again (I got LASIK)

  5. Damn I really love those frames...

  6. OMG @Yoonie! You're a trip!

    Riss - those frames are goijuss! I love 'em, and i hope you rock em out and love them muchly. Cannot wait to see the pics (did I already miss them?).

    And ... **so jealous** over the lil blue box ... WOOT!


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