Monday, April 13, 2009

Our Easter traditions aren't so traditional

The eve of Easter was spent blathering online while imbibing in pomegranate martinis. First, martini glasses are just stupid. They look great if you're in a hotel bar or social butterflying at a party provided you aren't walking around. Martini glasses are perfect slosh makers. No thanks. I'll take mine in a beer mug. The upside is less refills.

I didn't drink enough to be coerced into any lascivious activities. Yes, I know it's all very sad to those of you who have vast social lives with people of the flesh variety. Don't give me your lectures. I used to possess a healthy social life. Then, I moved back to Illinois. What people also don't understand is that I'm beyond apathetic in regards to meet and greets. I'm not getting into it now. I was home. I was drinking. 'Nuf said.

I had no issues waking on Easter Sunday. Me and my heathen self didn't suffer a hangover. Sleeping in, however, was relished. I did awaken around 4 a.m. in a fog. A wave of confusion over whether I worked or not hit me as I made my way downstairs for water and a trip to the bathroom ... and to lock the howling psychopathic cat downstairs. Ever since she discovered the magnitude of her voice she's been using it. Ugh!

I had put together an Easter basket for Mancub. I am not much for traditions (Mom was the true traditionista and I've yet managed to follow her lead.) I think I've pointed out that my traditions with Mancub are all about flying by the seat of our pants and finding joy in wherever we land. It works for us. Don't judge. He doesn't complain.

Since he's an only child, I just give him the entire bag or box of whatever candy I buy. Easter is not another Christmas. I never go overboard on that holiday. I refuse to over do it on Easter. I give him an inexpensive token and candy. This year's gift was a Yu-Gi-Oh! Starter deck that he'd been saving his money to purchase. Now, he's jazzed that his saved funds can be put toward a more pricey item. Not that it's ever been openly discussed, but I'm quite certain he knows the Easter Bunny is a 5'10" Miss Clairol red head. Santa bears a striking resemblance.

We were invited to dine with Maureen and Kris and their combined family. Not all the kiddos were there, however. Mancub was a little bummed because he enjoys playing video games with Kris's boys.

We ate the traditional ham feast. Naturally, I shoved 8 bites too many down my gullet and felt like a disgusting sloth. Mancub, who'd been playing video games prior to dinner, informed us that Willy Wonka was coming on ABC Family. There is no limit to how many times we can watch that movie. It's a sure fire way to just let go and revert back to childhood as if it's the first time viewing.

Once dinner dishes had been cleared, Michael, Maureen's college boy, pulled out his laptop computer. He was on a website for viral videos. ABC Family had been showing commercials for The Sound of Music, which seems to also be an Easter tradition. On the viral video website, we watched the video below. If you're in a foul mood and manage to watch that without feeling better, then you must be the grumpiest person on the planet and there's no hope for making you smile :)

We adjourned to the living room and watched Willy Wonka while the rest of the clan went about other activities ... often stopping to watch certain favorite scenes of the movie.

Our drowsiness took hold once the movie was over so we made tracks back home. That's not before Mancub chased the silly puppy Ted E. Bear down the cul-de-sac for the second time. He is a wily little ball of fuzz who loves to run with the wind in his face. To Mancub's surprise, "Teddy doesn't squirm when I pick him up like a baby. I think he likes it!" He does. He's the goofiest dog who, in all his ill mannered behavior, brings joy to those in his furry wake.

Once home, I dawdled online. Mancub flipped channels on the television. I made him a little something to eat. My still full belly declined more. I couldn't seem to focus on reading anything on my monitor. So, rather than force myself to be amused, I took my Netflix movies up to my room and watched two consecutively.

First up was the thriller with Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling: Fracture. It wasn't bad. I kept waiting for that 'get the hell out!' moment, but it didn't happen. Once I took a bathroom break and checked to see that Mancub hadn't slipped into a Futurama + Nintendo DS induced coma, I returned to my boudoir to view something lighthearted. It's all about balance, ya know. This time Little Miss Sunshine's Abigail Breslin and the bafflingly charming Ryan Reynolds (I guess it was the night of the Ryans) would entertain me for 90 minutes in Definitely, Maybe. It's a cute flick where, after getting an eye opening sex ed lesson at school, Maya (Breslin) insists her father tell her more about the 3 major loves in his life without revealing real names and which woman is her mother. She manages to deduct, in the end, how her mother and father met, married, and now divorce. Blah blah. It's cute. So, make an appointment with the dentist before watching it.

So, that was my Easter.

And now, the clip I promised you ...


  1. Sounds like a lovely holiday! Spent with the ones you love! Good for you

  2. Yes, we are not big on Easter either. I didn't cook, we went out to eat so I could get a cheese burger, how non traditional is that? LOL It sounds like you had a great day with your family. Oh....and I agree with you on the martini glasses, who drinks out of those things?

  3. Sounds like a fantastic way to spend the holiday. I agree about the martini glasses - much too likely to tip over and spill their precios contents!


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