Friday, April 17, 2009

I want to ride my bicycle

I was just thumbing through my "Wild Words from Wild Women" daily calendar hoping to get a stroke of inspiration to write. It had been collecting dust since February 15 when I moved it from my desk to another shelf. To be quite honest, the thing isn't nearly as wild and witty as I had hoped when I bought it 50% off at Carlton Cards.

Yesterday while setting up the lab for the day, I had a running blog post in my head. I could see the words effortlessly making their way on the computer screen. With all the punctuation and typos, it flowed in my mind.

It was then that I wished I was more technologically connected. We have no Internet in the workplace. It's understandable. If we did, I would have been fired by now. Instead of the 'attagirl' review I received, I would be filling out my unemployment papers. We aren't even allowed to keep our cellular phones on our person. When my sister Maureen was incapacitated post major surgery, I had to have my cell in case she had an emergency while home alone. I didn't ask permission. I told them I was keeping it turned on. No arguments. Extenuating circumstances warrant exceptions to the rules.

I have basic cellular service. Affording all the bells and whistles is the big stumbling block for me to be connected around the clock. While Ramen noodles are tasty on occasion, Mancub's needs for good nutrition outweighs my desire to be hooked in to the Web 24/7. Besides, I've already been accused of being addicted to the Interwebs. Is that such an uncommon thing? It's not like I'm cruising and linking to nakey web cam *over 21 to enter* sites. My activity involves Pop Life, Facebook, Plurk, Youtube and various blogs including my own.

No, I am not making excuses; just reason. Moving on.

I still haven't picked up a mini notepad. The problem with that is that I'll forget it in my lab coat pocket when I leave work and then I'll be at a loss again. My train of thought is often full steam and chugging along while I'm driving. Texting while driving is ill advised, why would I write with pen and paper? Maybe I need a digital recorder. How much do those things cost? Do any of you use them or all you all iPhone and the like users who never really log off?

My thought train is jumping to a new track ...

Mancub's dad has told him he's buying the boy a bike. My teen expressed his desire to jump higher while playing basketball in P.E. and his dad thinks riding a bike will strengthen his legs and help. Moreover, the kid just needs to get up off the couch and walk away from the video games and cartoons. Much like his mother needs to push herself away from the computer and go for a walk.

I finally sent Cletus the information on the bike Mancub selected. Per his father's request, we shopped at Wal-Mart so he could make an online puchase and have it sent to the store for us to pick up (fully assembled.) Dude, seriously! I can be trusted with money. I won't finance my trip to Barbados with the dough you fork over for a two-wheeler. It would save the middle man step, but alas, I think he believes I'll blow the money on something unnecessary like ... shoes (kid needs new ones.)

While we were pulling mountain/terrain bikes down from the racks, I spied a couple that I liked. I haven't been on a bicycle in decades! Quite frankly, I fear my large posterior will engulf the teeny seats that come with the bikes. With a counter-clockwise turn in the aisle I found cycling accessories. I'm debating the helmet. I used to ride downhill no hands on the handlebars and I'm still alive and my brain is intact. But what really caught my eye was the big ol' booty seats. Coolness! They are wider and with more cushion. I think I'll pass on the faux lamb's wool. That'd just be going overboard ... or would it? At my age, I choose comfort over all else.

I'd hate to be the subject of a hidden camera viral video or a wordless Wednesday. ACK! I know my fanny is fluffy. There's no need to reiterate the obvious.


  1. Oh sure, I know you're saving up for Barbados...LMAO.

    Girl, you continue to crack me up!!

  2. Rupe now has "Bicycle" and "Fat Bottomed Girls" from Queen (of course!) coursing through his mind .....

  3. And yet , a trip to Barbardos would be fine.

  4. ironically, I rode my bike for the first time in 2 years tonight. I only went about a half mile, and I was winded as heck, but it was great.

    BTW get the helmet. You only get one brain. Just think about Natasha Richardson. Do it for yourself. Do it for Man-cub. He deserves to have you around.


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