Monday, April 27, 2009

Hang up the chick habit

As I sit here in my bra and underwear trying to chill after a hot shower I make certain my webcam faces toward the ceiling. I have this nauseating fear that one day the device will malfunction and it'll be LIVE MARISSA!! (That's not intended to sound sexy. If you saw me you'd realize this fact.)

I'm finally off work after working 6 days in a row. Griping about working is probably not a wise thing in this economy where people are being laid off left and right. My sympathy to those who want to work but the state of our affairs is preventing it from happening. My legs and feet ache due to my job requiring me to stand for most of my workday. Support hose may be the ugliest thing, but my gracious! They are a Godsend by the end of an 8 hour shift.

Today is the day I get a crown. I know you realize what a princess I am -- well, at least a duchess. It's not the lovely bejeweled tiara I so lovingly deserve. No, this is a dental crown nearly costing as much as the Royal least with my budgetary constraints it is relative. The old crown will be removed since the porcelain is chipping. I've had this thing in my mouth for nearly 20 years. It's never really felt right, but due to the cost of having crowns fitted and replaced, I dealt with it. What's horrible is there's a cavity lurking beneath the current crown. OY! This ain't gonna be pretty and my fears of another root canal may come to fruition. Good googily goo!

A month or so ago I received a really groovy Pop Life swag package. Columnist Sean Daly had a contest guessing Bruce Springsteen's Super Bowl playlist. I didn't win, but one of the readers (and one of my grooviest commenters) CAT asked Sean to give me the goodies instead. Who am I to turn down free tunes? Along with the new Springsteen cd was a mix cd created by SD. HELLSYEAH!!! The first track is off the hook, but I'd never heard it before. Not wanting to seem like a total nimrod, I didn't ask Sean what it was.

Hang on, this is going to come full circle. Keep reading.

A couple weeks ago American Idol had an unlikely guest mentor for the contestants. Quentin Tarantino. Most people asked what the heck QT had to do with music. Apparently he is a big Idol fan, but what's more is that he has a knack for picking great songs for his flicks. Many directors let someone else choose the music for their movies, but Tarantino apparently hand picks the songs featured. It's a natural course of action. Similarly, John Hughes pulled together amazing soundtracks for his '80s films.

The night on Idol ended up being a bit of a disappointment because most of the contestants have no idea what songs best suit them. It'd have been better if Mr. Tarantino had given them songs to sing. Now THAT would have been hella-cool.

Yeah, OK. So you might be asking, "how in hell are you going to tie in Tarantino to Sean Daly?"

DUH! Sean Daly's blog is home of the bestest live blog chat on American Idol nights. Gurrrrr

This morning I finally remembered to do a search for that song I love so much. With nothing but the chorus resonating in my brain, I went to youtube. In the search I put the words chick habit. The first search result was BO Death Proof: April March - Chick Habit. You know what Death Proof is, don't you? Tarantino, of course. I haven't watched the movie yet which is absurd because I love Kurt Russell -- he's so Snake looking in the clip below.



  1. See..I KNEW Sean would come thru with the booty sooner or later. It was like getting a belated valentine or easter basket from him, kinda.

    My friend Tom was in that `GRINDHOUSE` movie, the Rob Zombie `short` in the middle of the 2 main features. Lots of good tunes in that one!

    I got a gig painting a restaurant in the `Financial District` of San Francisco. I might leave my heart.

  2. I started giggling at LIVE MARISSA!!!! but, oy a new crown....I hope this one fits right and I am sure t will look beautiful dahling!

  3. Ick, "Sean" and "Booty" should never go together. I know the man. Not, like .. ever.

    As for the crown, don't be a wuss. Live large. And I only hope I reached you in time. You are a grown woman, you deserve a gold crown. Don't wimp into an invisible porcelain lame-o thing. Go bold, or go home. Go gold. It's damn sexy.

    I had to get a root canal and crown last year, they started measuring me for a porcelain milquetoast piece of crap, oh no .. gold.

    Like a pirate!

  4. HA! Chase.

    I got the pearly white porcelain. Sorry. I'm not that bold. It's way in the back anyway. Unless I have my mouth REALLY wide, no one will see it.

  5. LIVE MARISSA! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Maybe smeone will send you another goodie bag if that happens;-)

  6. I fear what kind of goodies would be in that bag. But since it appears I'm perpetually single, I could use some "goodies" *nudge nudge wink wink*


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