Sunday, April 5, 2009

You want me to put my lips on that?

Whenever I go out and about, I try to find humor in the mundane. I've been making this a quest because I need levity. We all need that, right?

What's bad about my endeavor to get a giggle at the expense of others is that I tend to have a shoddy memory. Yeah. I forget things as soon as they happen unless, of course, it happened to be directly.

How dorky would I look whipping out my nerd-a-rific 3 x 5 spiral notebook? Perhaps if Attitude Bunny was kept in my back pocket?? Or would that be the equivalent of carrying a comb in my pocket that matches my ensemble? At 43 should I be worried about appearing odd? At this rate, at least it might draw some kind of attention, eh?

Yesterday while at work, we were discussing the cleanliness habits of our co-workers ... or lack there of. A particular co-worker has been observed only rinsing out a cup he uses regularly before returning it to the cupboard. He doesn't use hot water or soap. Needless to say, the word got around not to use dishes without thoroughly scrubbing them first. Better yet, bring your own from home.

Anywho, when the nastiness of the unwashed cup was brought up, I innocently said, "like I'd want to put my lips on that." In true Three's Company fashion, someone walked in the room at that very moment. All that was missing was Mr. Roper's smirky glance directly into the camera.

Since that situation happened to me, I was able to remember it. Today, Mancub and I were at Wal-Mart. The automotive center alone is a keg of conversation just begging to tapped. Unfortunately, all I had to write on was a half sheet of paper already dotted with some chicken scratch.

Along the same lines, I've been toting my pretty pink Cybershot with hopes of taking sniper photos of things I find funny, odd, interesting or otherwise blog worthy. Sadly, my stealthiness is comparable to Inspector Clouseau outwitting Kato.

How do people do it? How do you remember quips or get photos of the weird and wonderful without being threatened by bubbette and her spawns of hell in dirty pajamas and half-shirts that reveal an entire bakery of dough?


  1. Great post but I cannot answer your question because I do not remember clever quips, nor do I remember to carry my camera to capture the weird or wonderful.

  2. I typically have a pen and if I can't find anything to write on, I just write on my hand.

  3. Back when I was recording with a band I used to carry a notebook and pen with me so I could jot lyrics down whenever the muse struck. Nothing wrong with that. In fact, I think it made me look more interesting.

  4. Coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.

  5. That notebook is fifty kinds of awesome, have no fear in carrying it aroud like a wee cub reporter!

  6. I have a little turquoise notebook. I write things down `constantly` or I'll forget. You never know when you'll see or hear something you want to remember.

  7. Practice, MissRiss. Lots and lots of practice.

    Complete with a gad of failures thrown in the mix for good measure.


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