Saturday, October 9, 2010

Movin' on up

A little over a week ago I received a phone call at work.  The voice on the other end offered me a promotion.  Out of left field and in a flash I became a manager.  It's pretty stinking cool because in the past there were some hoops to jump through in order to obtain a higher position. However, the powers that be can and will change the rules when necessary.  And this time I benefited from such a decision. 

What's really surprising to me is how quickly my mind and focus shifted from "time to make the donuts" mentality to "what am I going to do today that will strengthen our team?"  What's even better is my overall sense of purpose.  Finally, it feels like I can make a difference.

With more energy being exerted on my career, I am actually able to focus better on the home front and declutter my life both physically and spiritually.  Now more than ever there's an empowerment toward being a living, breathing Wonder Woman.

I truly feel it was no accident that after I told myself on a trip to Wal-mart that I wouldn't bother looking at the clearance aisles.  I said, "Just buy what we need. NO PERUSING!!" Of course, I didn't listen to my thrifty inner voice.  I strolled up and down the rows looking for nothing specific.  Then, these little gems cried out to me from the bottom shelf.  These were exactly what my new mind set required.

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  1. I am so happy for your promotion!! They couldn't have offered the position to a more intelligent and thoughtful person. Congratulations, Wonder Woman!!


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