Thursday, October 14, 2010

Coinky-dink but still true... ish

General horrorscopes, in my opinion, are just lucky guesses or means to have something hopeful to hang on to for a 24 hour period.  Once in a blue moon the readers of the stars and planets get it right-ish. The Twittascopes from yesterday and today are in the ballpark of where my head (and heart) is residing:

Yesterday - October 13: Even if you're certain about what you want, it's not easy to determine the most reliable way to get it. Your thoughts may become stuck on sweet pleasures that are hard to come by at this time. You might think that everything will ultimately be okay, but you're still challenged by your own insecurities and doubts about how to proceed in your pursuit of happiness. Don't be distracted by external circumstances now; seek joy from within instead.

Today - October 14: The Sun's quintile with potent Pluto reminds you that nearly anything is possible with good planning and smart execution. Unfortunately, you can still run into problems today because of the inherent instability in your relationships. Instead of claiming that you can accept the outcome whatever it may be, give yourself permission to state what you want, so at least you know that you tried.

and because I loved to swallow the proverbial pill that is considered difficult, I'll throw in tomorrow's news, too ...
It's your chance to step beyond your old limits today which means it may be easier for you to entertain a relationship with less of a commitment because you are feeling more emotionally secure. Exploring your passions could lead you in an unexpected direction if you have the courage to remain open to change. Communication is a key to the locked door to love, but you'll have to let go of what you once thought was true.

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