Wednesday, October 27, 2010

As Suspected

It is the subject of a lot of yapping on Facebook: Glee's version of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.  If you read my post yesterday (of course you did), you're aware that I was disappointed in the casting of the show within the show. I'd given the writers a break by assuming it could have been due to a sub-plot story about censorship or decency.  If you watched the program then you know imposing a safety net on my judgment was correct.  There is no denying that letting a diva-esque girl fill the platforms of Tim Curry as Dr. Frank-N-Furter was a stretch.  My son, who has never seen the original, enjoyed the vocals.  He said he could have done without the ensemble of the patent leather bustier and knee high boots.  I'm still peeved that Magenta's solo in "The Time Warp" went to Quinn (Dianna Agron) rather than the more salacious Santana (Naya Rivera). Hands down she could have given the tune the deviant edge it requires.  Milquetoast has no place in Rocky Horror.  Even Emma Pillsbury's version of "Touch-a, Touch-a Touch Me" had more raciness and fire -- she's as Wonder Bread as you can get. That is until Quinn sang.  Was I the only one wishing Puck was in the episode? I know Mark Salling is pursuing a solo career, but cripes! The show's delinquent could have ruled the stage on this installment of America's favorite show about dorks and song birds.  Another thing, were you hoping Meatloaf would have filled his old role as Eddie? Maybe it was just me.

OK, kiddies. I need to go work out before heading out for a long day of work. 

Keep it groovy!!


  1. Dunno Rissa. I rather enjoyed the show.

    On Dr. Frank-n-furter: That was a very touchy subject. It was a subtle tribute to the gay-bullying going on in schools. It was about Kurt saying "No" to the role, then finding someone. None of the male students would take the role, so while having Mercedes in the role is wrong on a lot of levels, the message was about Kurt (who played a great Riff-Raff if you ask me!)

    As for the Magenta thing. I see you're point. Santana would have made it much more dark, perhaps too dark for prime time TV.

    The vocals were fantastic. The red-lips opening was so spot on. And the "Touch-a, Touch-a Touch Me" performance was hot beyond words.

  2. I enjoyed it a lot. I figure that is a given.
    It makes sense that they were being subtle about the bullying. It's not a subject they've strayed from in the past. Kurt was a great Riff Raff. Initially Mike Chan was going to be Frank-n-Furter but his parents protested the nature of the roll.
    thanks for your input. It shed a different light on things.


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