Monday, March 8, 2010

Ready for the shakedown

A week or so ago I ordered a wonderful product called Shakeology.  This product is a meal replacement unlike anything else you'll buy at the store. First of all, it tastes good and doesn't give me the burps like so many of those other ones on the market. There's also no artificial sweeteners, caffeine free and gluten free. Right on the bag it says "optimal health in a glass."  My son even loves the chocolate flavor and it's a perfect start for his morning. Instead of making it with water, though, it's mixed with 1% or fat free milk. He's a complete chocoholic and often has no appetite before school. So, he opts for chocolate milk. Well, now he gets the best of both worlds. And I feel better knowing he's getting better nutrition.  This time around Green Berry was also purchased. It's rather tasty, too.

When I mentioned on Facebook having finally received my shipment just in the nick of time for my tooth to act up, an online friend and Beachbody Coach suggested I take the opportunity to do the Shakeology 3-Day Cleanse.  It sounds a bit alarming, but it's not like the drastic cleansing diets you've seen on Oprah.  I agreed wholeheartedly that now is the best time and it will give me a jump start that I long for and seem to always require.

Here's how my next three days will look per my darling coach:
  • 3 shakes per day made with water and ice (no milk or juice)
  • 2 apples as snacks -- he said bananas would be fine since I need softer food, but apples are optimal
  • Salad (mixed greens) with balsamic vinegarette and 4 oz. chicken breast no skin for dinner
  • Make water the only beverage. Plenty of it, too.
  • No caffeine, sodas, etc.
While on my way home from the dentist, I stopped by the store and bought organic veggies and chicken. I figure if I'm going to cleanse this beaten up temple I call my body, I may as well really treat it spectacularly.

Hopping up on the scale I most certainly do not like what it had to say. Hopefully I won't be losing your attention by giving updates on my progress.  Stick with me for I need your support.  It'll be nice when the EA Sports Active thigh strap isn't screaming out in agony due to the pressure it is under. The girthiness of my thighs will soon diminish.  Aren't you totally excited for me?

What's kind of cool is that my friend and coach is also doing the 3-day cleanse. He's just an email away and that alone gives me a little edge of confidence that I often do not have.  Idle hands makes for imagined hunger. With that being said, I need to make busy-like to avoid the munchies. The weather is brisk, but certainly not disagreeable for a walk.  My son went with me on a 50 minute walk Saturday. Not a cloud was to be seen. The sun was bright as the temperature tried to get up to 50°F.  After months of it barely reaching 25°F, it felt like a heat wave.

By the way, my dentist is just going to keep a close eye on the tooth that's bothersome. After taking x-rays, he did a little tweaking on the bite of the crown and advised me to take 800 mg Ibuprofen for a couple days. I was so relieved that it's not abscessed. Those doggone jelly beans really gave my jaw a run for it's money and now I have swelling. A root canal is inevitable, but not immediate.

There you have it. Welcome to day one of my three day cleanse.


  1. Love it! I am always looking for ways to be healthy too. Good luck with the cleanse. I will be interested to red what you think of the product!

  2. Good for you! You go girly girl!!

  3. Shakeology is pretty amazing. I lost 5 pounds after day one of the cleanse, and another pound as of this morning. Can't wait to see tomorrow! Go Marissa!!

    Also, you can totally load up the veggies on those salads so you feel full, just be smart in the ones you pick. Avoid sugary ones like carrots, carby ones like black eyed peas, etc...anything green is great, tomatoes, etc...I'm LOVING salads now haha

  4. Steamed baby spinach (takes 2 seconds) and mushrooms with the chicken had my son salivating. At the last minute of cooking I threw cherry tomatoes on and OMG! It was so awesome. Garlic, cumin and crushed red pepper flakes added tons of flavor without sodium. OH! and green pepper. I wanted red or gold but the little grocer only had green. Boo hiss!


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