Monday, March 29, 2010


I'm prone to being obnoxious when I feel good. So, pardon the exclamation point in the title. Oh, don't confuse me with the eternally perky girl who appears to be on happy pills 24/7. It's not that disgusting. 

The month of March is nearly over. How fast it flies by when you're having fun. Ha ha. 

The weather forecast is calling for warmer temperatures this weekend. WOO! We're talking hitting the 70s in early April. Easter might prove to be absolutely fantastic egg hunting weather.  Mancub and I skipped decorating eggs last year.  The same will probably occur this year.  He's never really been into the activity.  His favorite egg hunting treasures were the plastic eggs filled with treats. It's always about the candy with that boy.

What's really thrilling about the coming week (following Easter) is that I'm taking time off from work. Not just a day or two, but an entire week -- with exception to Thursday, ugh.  Long story.  While spending time with Mancub is always a thrill, some of that time will be shared with a close friend whom I've not breathed in the same space with for two decades. This should be quite interesting.  We've been catching up thanks to cyberspace. The simple thought of talking face to face while sipping coffee is surreal beyond compare. 

Yesterday (Sunday) Mancub and I indulged in seeing How To Train Your Dragon in 3D.  What a fun movie. I highly recommend it regardless of the cinema format you choose to view it.  On the way home we discussed how long it had been since we'd gone to the theater together. Neither of us could recall what movie it was when we'd ventured out to the movies.  We only remember that it was raining and a mad dash was made to the car.  I guess it wasn't that great of a flick. 

Today, as the boy was leaving for school, I reminded him that he'd have to make his own dinner or walk to the store and grab some fried chicken to eat with a salad at home.  He turned and reminded me that we had plenty of food at home and he'd be fine.  What a kid, huh?

I wish you all a great week. 


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