Saturday, March 13, 2010


The weather forecast on Friday called for rain in the afternoon.  There was a glint of sunshine peeking through the clouds.  Since it was my day off, I took advantage of the vast amount of time at my disposal. Rather than lay out on the couch watching reruns or movies, out I went into the cool temps.  With my iPod in place, shoes laced and bras doubled up, I headed to the walking track.

Quickly the pace of the music pushed me and it felt good to be outside filling my lungs with air. Gone are the 25°F temperatures. Spring is in the air and in my steps. The particular playlist of music pulsating from my ears to my toes is designed for walking workouts for women. The beginning warms me up on my short walk to the track nearby. By the time my first foot touches the track, my cadence is set for the more intense rhythm.  Around the track I go. Heart rate increasing.  The song changes. Its title is 'Angels Fly.' As I near the back side of the track (furthest from the road and out of plain view of passers-by), the increased tempo of the chorus hit me and I began to run.  I'm clumsy in form, but without a doubt running. About a 1/4 way of the track, I slow to a quick walk.  I'm still able to talk to myself -- yes, I audibly tell myself I can keep going.  The picnic table to the left as I ended the run was tempting, but stopping wasn't an option.

The music brings me closer to the same place where my feet felt inspired to run.  My starting off point was earlier and I ran again.  Pushing myself just a bit further than the first time.  Walk, walk, intense walk.  That running point and I meet again.  As I get closer I'm bargaining with myself. "You ran twice. That's good. Just keep up the fast pace walking."  But then, through my earbuds comes another voice.  No, not one of my other personalities.  On the song it's spoken, "whether you believe you can or can't, you're right." Run. I believe I can run. And I did.  When the picnic table was in sight, I sprinted for about 10 seconds before slowing back to a quick walk.

Around again to the spot of inspiration.  The music was perfect.  My mind was set to push to a 4th running interval.  Then it came at me.  Approaching as if from nowhere.  Dressed in camouflage he drove a pink Mustang. Not far behind she was in pink driving a green tractor.  My run was halted by what I thought to be a game of chicken with the pink, motorized, child's Mustang.  The driver veered to the left and stopped to tell me something. I slowed to listen as he declared, "This isn't my pink car. It's my sister's. She took my tractor."  I chuckled , "OK," but kept walking.  Not far behind were two men walking with a toddler girl on a tricycle.  Chuckling ensued as I kept my momentum walking through the end of the playlist and to my front door.

Friday, March 12, 2010 I ran. I pushed myself and saw the future.

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