Thursday, March 11, 2010

No shakin' weigh!

Yes, weigh! After three days on the Shakeology cleanse, my weight lost total is SIX AND A HALF POUNDS.

I'm feeling quite well and energetic today. Most of the cleansing plans I've read about advise participants not to do anything strenuous. Also, they caution not to be too far away from a bathroom. One actually suggested wearing dark pants and carry a change of clothes in case of an accident (eww).That is not the case of Shakeology. In fact, it's not a gastrointestinal attack or cleanse of that nature. It's a whole body cleansing of toxins built up from all the funky crap I was putting in my body only days ago.

Because I don't work until later today, there was plenty of time to do some much needed housework.  A week ago I might have returned to bed or passed out on the couch while watching some nutty, craptacular programming on the telly.  But something strange had over come me -- energy.  I wanted to move and do stuff that didn't involve stuffing food in my face (green berry shake for breakfast). So, I changed the bag in the vacuum cleaner and went to town on my downstairs. Prior to that I cleaned the front hall and stairway.  After completing those tasks consideration was given to enjoying one of the three Netflix movies sitting on the table.  Instead, I strapped the EA SPORTS Active strap on my thigh and worked out. Yesterday was a rest day and two in a row is unnecessary. But something amazing happened. I ran in place while my virtual character ran the track like FloJo.  For over two minutes this body ran at an acceptable pace that never warranted a warning that my cadence was too slow.  That's a HUGE win to accompany my weight loss in celebration.

I don't want to break this momentum. Nor do I want to undo the good that I did.  Therefore, I am not going to.  I'm a believer. Shakeology helped spark the change of mind and body.  To further help me get to healthy living, my coach, John Hays, shared a food ladder.  It's simple to follow and that list will accompany me on future grocery shopping trips.  It's called Michi's Ladder.  After perusing the five tiers it is clear why my body is in this shape.  I was only eating from the fourth and fifth levels -- the bottom. The HELL of food consumption.  After the amazing dinner I prepared last night, I know that eating from the tiers one and two are possible without feeling cheated of the good stuff.

Excited can hardly describe how I feel right now.  NutriSystem made me uncomfortable, bloated and gassy. Shakeology doesn't.  With NS, I wasn't learning how to feed myself unless it was conveniently pre-assembled in a box or plastic, unappealing container. AND it was so expensive.  With the Team Beachbody plan I'm able to feed my son nutritious, delicious meals where he won't feel deprived.  Last night's dinner was a prime example.  When he smelled then saw what I had created for my own dining pleasure, he wanted some. And no potatoes or macaroni & cheese was involved.

Last Night's Dinner:

1 - Small Free range chicken breast (skinless/boneless) diced
1/4 - white onion sliced and halved
1/2 - green pepper sliced
4 - mushrooms sliced
1/4 tsp - minced garlic
Handful of organic baby spinach
5 cherry tomatoes
1 tsp extra virgin olive oil
Various seasonings: Cumin, black pepper, nutmeg (no, really), crushed red pepper, basil and parsley

In a sauté pan, heat olive oil.  Toss in chicken with various seasoning and brown. Then, add green peppers, onions until both soften a bit. Add mushrooms. Stir it all together and cook a bit longer to ensure the chicken is cooked thoroughly. About a minute before you remove it from the heat, throw in the baby spinach and cherry tomatoes until it the spinach starts to wilt. Remove from heat and bon appetite!

Seriously, it was killer good and I'm proud of it. 

**happy dancing**

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  1. Dinner sounded Yumo!

    Not only are you experiencing more energy, less PMS, a better emotional feeling on the inside... but you'll start to notice that your skin will glow, & your hair & nails will look better too. And as you lose more weight, you will feel lean & sexy inside to yourself... which is very empowering ... thee BEST feeling!


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