Saturday, March 13, 2010

It's time to change

Yep. Spring forward. Blech. I always get so messed up when we have time changes. I can't understand how people who travel to and from different time zones don't lose their minds. Typically turning the clocks ahead one hour doesn't bother me unless I work that Sunday. Which, tomorrow, I do. Blech. I said that already. At least I'm working with someone who makes me laugh my tushy off even when we're stressed and pissy.

The clocks and time aren't the only things on the horizon that are changing.  I am.My thoughts about my health are so different then they were two weeks ago. I don't understand it, but there's no question that I'm embracing it. When I awoke today, I didn't sit down at the computer and lolly-gag until I needed to shower and get ready for work.  Instead, I worked out on the Wii.

More proof that old habits are fading as new ones replace them. Pizza from Papa John's was purchased for the employees.  I love, LOVE that pizza and the oily garlic dip. I thought ahead and packed a salad comprised of dark greens and flat spinach, cherry tomatoes and some of the left over grilled veggies from last night's dinner.  Just in case I was pressed for time, I made a chocolate flavored Shakeology shake.  My arsenal of healthy eating was at my disposal.  As lunch time neared, the cheesy, crusty temptation was delivered. The smell of the pizza, I thought for certain, would lure me and I'd surely blow all that I had done this week. Surprisingly, not even the suggestion crossed my mind that just a nibble wouldn't hurt.  More profoundly, it didn't appeal to me. 

In the late afternoon one of the managers made rounds in the lab offering my favorite candy: Jelly fruit slices from Fannie May.  I declined. No desire or craving came over me even when those brightly colored treats were waved under my nose.

Curious.  What's going on?

Diet soda is a thing of the past. Water is my beverage with the exception of black coffee (1 cup) in the morning.  That's the limit of my caffeine intake.  What do you know about that!?  Artificial sweeteners have no place for me now. Eventually the coffee will be nor more. At least the caffeinated variety will be no more.

Big changes are occurring.  I feel energetic. My body doesn't ache. When I crouch down my knees don't buckle or cause me to groan. I'm able to stand from a squat position without the aid of a counter top, chair or some other stationary object.  My face is less bloated and my stomach appears flatter. I'm sleeping more soundly and waking with an increased sense of alertness. Refreshed. In a million years you never could have convinced me that physical changes like this were possible in only a couple weeks. Keep in mind I didn't delve into it with diligence before Monday, March 8.  Today is Saturday, March 13. That's FIVE days!!

Today I am not delivering lip service.  These aren't words of falseness.  In the past I would say I was determined to lose weight and get healthy, but never got over the hurdles to attain success. With complete certainty it was because I didn't believe it.  I could say it; preach it. But believing in myself was a foreign concept.  Today I say with the depths of my soul that I believe in myself and what I'm accomplishing minute by minute; day to day; week to week, etc... Thank you for being willing to take this journey with me.

"You must be the change you want to see in the world" -- Mahatma Gandhi


  1. I'm so happy you're feeling a change from within. I think quitting diet soda has lots to do with it. I could never drink anything with carbonation. Makes me very ill.

    I never tried any of those shakes, but I love all those salad greens :)

  2. Here in Blighty we put the clocks forward a week later than you guys, so for a week you will only be 5 hours behind rather than 6.

    i love the photo on the blog, btw. The guys pants are rather flaretacular, aren't they?

    And good job on the craving control. Good job on the whole thing, actually.

  3. Thank you! It's really encouraging to be able say all of this without reservations. haha I made a funny.

    Cat, the shakes are so yummy and chock full of nutritious goodness. You're already a fitness chick. Tony Horton suggests them as an after workout (green berry variety)drink. Half a scoop with 8 oz of water gives the body what it needs after pushing it to the limit.

    Jeff! You're right. Those are fantastic flares. I cannot believe I turned away pizza and didn't feel one inkling that I'd missed out. I have had a lifetime of filling my body with pizza, burgers, fries ... I think it's finally telling me "enough, girl!"


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