Sunday, March 28, 2010

Eighty-eight days until the reveal

Today is day two of my body transformation.

OK, before going on I have to say something to you, my reader. Please do not to turn away if you've come here hoping I'd be blathering about my personal life (this is my personal life for now). That day will come again when striving to achieve a healthier body is more knee jerk than something I have to maintain focus upon.  This is my way of keeping accountable. YOU are part of my process. Thanks so much for your participation.

Day 1 of Power 90 forced me to dig really deep to find the drive and determination to try each sculpting movement with the suggested minimum number of reps.  Without the help of Mancub I might not have made it through.  He's my in-house coach.  Normally on Saturday he sleeps in. It's a stroke of miracle to see him before the clock strikes 11:00 AM. Yesterday he was up before I'd begun my first workout with Tony Horton. Enlisting his help in tracking reps, I grabbed water and a towel.  Mancub's humorous approach to making me knock out one more rep when I felt I didn't have it in me was just what was needed.  He's so cool. When it was over he told me how great I did and that he was proud to help me get in shape.  Later in the day he asked what time he'd like him to be up on Sunday so he could help again.  Wow! A teenager volunteering to get up early on the weekend to be of assistance. Totally selfless and righteous.  However, since today was about cardio and abs, I'd manage fine alone.  With the second day complete, I now wish he'd been there to cheer me on.  It's a lot more fun when he's there to let me know if my poses or movements match that of Tony and his crew.

This program is truly phenomenal.  Minimal amount of time with maximum results are promised. Money back guarantee! Yes, I sound like an informercial.  The best way to prove that it works is to show you. I'm a real, overweight woman in her mid 40s. My metabolism isn't that of a 20 something. You will see my before and after photos on the 90th day no matter what.  Additionally, I will post my measurements and weight from the starting point and the finish.  The before photos taken yesterday caused a great emotional reaction.  My blinders were bigger than I thought. Wow! Painfully realistic.  That didn't get me down, mind you. Those photos provided motivation to keep up the momentum.

That being said, I have a confession.  After seeing that I'd hit the 10 pounds lost mark, I stepped off Michi's Ladder.  There's a tin of Dutch butter cookies sitting on top of my microwave. They've been there for three weeks or so.  I bought them before the 3-day Shakeology cleanse, but didn't bother with them. The intention was to bring them to work.  Maybe my failure to do so was my subconscious way of proving that I could resist temptation. Yesterday, the bad food thinking Marissa opened that tin and grabbed a cookie. Knowing Mancub might question me, I did it quietly.  Quickly, I popped it in my mouth and walked toward the living room stopping half way because my son had gotten up and walked toward me. Embarrassed, I turned around, spit out the unchewed nugget of empty calories in my hand and deposited it in the trash receptacle in the kitchen.  He was on his way to the fridge for grapes.  He offered me a bunch and I accepted. He has no idea that he intervened and unwittingly reminded me what my goals are.

Many believe that a little reward won't kill a healthful lifestyle. I, however, know myself too well.  It's like giving a heroin addict just a little bit while they are on the road to being sober.  Junk food is my addiction. Just say no! Honestly, the resistance of trigger foods hasn't been that difficult.  Giving up diet sodas and fried foods has not been a sacrifice.  The sense of deprivation hasn't hit me. I firmly believe it never will.

Eighty-eight days really isn't that far away. This will be the summer I put on a swimsuit and sport it publicly. This will be the year I don't sit in the shade dressed like Maude at the water park.  This will be the year.


  1. I'm excited for you! These are bit things! Good job, Riss!

  2. You are really changing your habits...and teaching your son healthy habits as well. Well done, my friend!

  3. Many thanks. It helps having people along with me on this endeavor -- both for encouragement and companions on the trip.

  4. <----- wonders if cargo shorts will be involved


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