Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cookie, cookie. Who stole the cookie?

I didn't steal any cookies. I bought them as I whisked through the grocery store.  My intention was to buy milk, mixed greens and frozen veggies. What I walked out with was that and so much more.

My mistake: Entering a grocery store when hungry and tired.

Without thinking twice I grabbed home-style peanut butter cookies. At the check out counter I should have asked the clerk to pull them aside and not put them in my cart. But again, I wasn't thinking clearly for various reasons.

This morning, in light of recognizing my error, I divided the cookies, put them in zip closure bags and tossed them in the freezer.  Throwing them out is not an option. Diet and exercise gurus might say otherwise, but I beg to differ. Now, by the time the cookie defrosts, my craving for them might pass.  If I still yearn to nosh on the treats, then I'll enjoy each and every nibble without guilt.

This morning marked 1000 calories burned on EA Sports Active 30 Day Challenge.  A virtual trophy was awarded in honor of the occasion.  Woohoo! My performance is improving as I get acclimated with how the Wii remote and nunchuk work.  Both are relatively sensitive. Quite frankly, I'm getting irritated that a minor shift in movement causes my trainer to tell me follow her and a message pops up telling me to hold still; complete the rep. BITE ME! Additionally,  she tells me if I'm experiencing trouble, I should review how to perform the exercise. Even though her tone isn't snotty, that's how I am beginning to perceive it. And out loud, I tell her to shut the hell up. 

Another issue I'm having is that the connector cord between the Wii remote and the nunchuk is too short or gets caught when I'm moving. In one section, there is inline skating. I have to squat low to gain speed and jump ramps. Judgment is based on executing a trick while jumping off the ramp. I have yet to master this without yanking out the nunchuk (which, at this point, is tucked into a strap wrapped around my upper thigh). Talk about failure maximus! Think about it. What do you do when you're trying to gain momentum while jumping upward? You push your arms up, too! At least I do. A cordless Wii nunchuk would suit me well.

One of these days I'll master it and nail each trick. Until then, my neighbor will hear me shouting expletives through the wall.

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  1. I would think the friendly neighborhood game shop would have nunchuks with longer cords, surely? Or do they not make them I wonder? I remember buying a Nintendo controller with a longer cord for my N64... Or try looking on the 'Net. And btw, I hate to bust your bubble, but I have eaten frozen cookies before. They're actually good.


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