Monday, January 25, 2010

This stuff is freaky deaky

Let me start out by stating that I in no way shape or form consider myself charming or delightful. There are periodic bouts of wittiness that might give me a sense of charm, but they are hit or miss. Also, I don't want what I write about to be completely based on my horriblescopes. That being said, Yahoo must have hired a new astrologer because the past week's postings have been eery.
That ordinarily charming way you have with words will be even more lethal now, so you should definitely be careful about flinging those casual comments around. You might think you're kidding around -- not really flirting, just teasing a little. But to them, you may be the best thing that's come their way since ice cream. Think before you speak, even if you're just being nice. This stuff you're putting out is easier to turn on than to shut off.

I am guided by my emotions; yet, I fight them at every turn. My Mr. Spock mentality tells me 'that is illogical' when my heart starts to flutter and the blood starts gorging elsewhere. Normally, hyper-analyzing is my forté. So, that means I don't permit my heartstrings to play a song ... at least I like to believe I don't. What do I do? And why can't I just let it all hang out and be free -- let go? Maybe, just maybe I need a tutor.

(image borrowed from Lindsay and Willis)


  1. But you ARE charming & delightful!

    LEOs can't help it. We're just `ENTHUSIASTIC`
    That is a GOOD thing.

    It's to their benefit if the other signs get a little caught up in it, & rubs off & makes them feel good too. LEOs spread Fun & Good Will.

    Fling away!

  2. Thank you, Cat. Maybe one day I'll see what you see :)

  3. LOVE the new blog look. I'll hopefully be catching up with some of your MONTHS of posts that I have missed.

    I love your wit - you never fail to make me laugh. I also love the raw emotion that makes it into your posts, despite your tendency to cover it with wit and sarcasm.

    You should try your hand at writing for a magazine or "publicated" blog. You've definitely got the talent, and more people should be exposed!

  4. Devyl, I would love to do that but I need help or direction... maybe a divining rod?

  5. This resonate with me, the various pieces, even if all aren't lined up the same. I recognize the artwork from the cover of the box they came in. :)

    For the better part of my life I've had people comment (or complain) that I am very analytical, too analytical. I've also had people comment (or complain) that I am too emotional, as well. Sometimes it has been the same person, which of course sends me into an emotional tizzy about how illogical they are. Often these things are presented as opposite ends of a single spectrum, but from my own personal experience the two are not so easily separated. I like to think that it's because I'm gifted, of course; I never said I was modest. But so often I find that my MO in charged situations is to disect every detail, lay them out end to end, processing and analyzing and calculating... then doing whatever my heart wants regardless. This has not always worked out in my favor. But as time goes on, while I regret some fairly colossal blunders, I have decided that I would not want *me* to be any other way. I mean, I try to make better choices and avoid so many pitfalls, but by learning to work with who I am, how I am. I wouldn't ever want to 'fix' this by changing who I am, or how I am. I kinda like my weird heart-brain configuration.

    And yeah, you may not necessarily be the most objective judge of your own wittiness or charm. Listen to the mases on that one.


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