Thursday, January 21, 2010

I got da burnout blues

Ignoring that one particular individual who seems to have a talent for aggravating you won't be easy. You'll have to bite your tongue, smile falsely and force yourself to be totally different from the way you are. But why bother? Because you won't want the scar of a petty argument following your and your companions around for the entire evening. Don't worry. You can do the right thing without being untrue to yourself or letting them know they've gotten to you. Kill them with kindness -- tonight. Call them on it tomorrow.
That was my horriblescope for today, Thursday, January 21, 2010. I suspect it's a good thing I had the headache from hell and didn't go to work. Oh, I was supposed to help out my friend and former bossman at another store, but he was sweet enough to take pity on me in my moment of pain. I left work early yesterday thanks to the excruciating thumping going on in my cranium. I'm positive Wiley Coyote put an Acme Anvil on my face when I wasn't looking.  Plus, the roads were icy and, quite frankly I have no problem admitting this, I freak out in shit-tastic weather. I tense up and white knuckle grip the steering wheel.

There's a teachers' strike in Kankakee.  I don't get political on this blog; nor do I choose to be controversial. I babble about personal stuff.  Let me just say that I hope this comes to an end. My son is actually itching to get back to school.   Needless to say, my lame ass didn't realize that 'agree to negotiations' meant NO SCHOOL. The alert system I've subscribed to didn't send me the memo until an hour and a half after Mancub would start school. So, he woke up early, walked to the bus stop on the frozen terrain. The drizzling rain made it particularly slippery. Wet on ice. He came back home after a kindly striking teacher told him that school was not in session.  However, I did see a couple school buses out and about prior to sending him out. So, I don't totally suck. I have since subscribed to a back up alert system.
The authority figures you've been dealing with lately are quite happy with you -- not only with what you've done, but with the reputable qualities you've displayed. They're not quite ready to show that to you just yet, however. So you'll need to be patient, or at least fake it for just a little while longer. You won't have to pretend you're happy once they offer you a bit more responsibility, though -- and that's what's coming. Oh, admit it. You just love this. Get some sleep. You'll need it.
I'm having a hard time believing Friday's horriblescope (above). If I have ever run from responsibility in the workplace it is now. There are changes that I'm indifferent towards. I do what I have to in order to remain employed. But if burnout had a face in the dictionary it would be mine. I've been more than honest with how I'm feeling, too. Maybe that's not a wise choice, but there are no challenges on the horizon. Oh, it's mighty challenging to endure some of the day to day dingbattery. We all have it, but some take more than their daily dosage of the ding-a-ling pill.

I'm going to take one bit of advice in my horriblescope, though.

Get some sleep. I DO need it.


  1. What's WITH everything these days? Why is everything and everyone on edge and feeling crappy?

    Nothing poignant to add, except that I LOVE that pic of you. I know you're making a silly face, but you look stunning. :)
    Hope your headache is a bad memory.

  2. It's slow all over & the sky is a hazy shade of winter.


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