Saturday, January 23, 2010

Analyze this

I recently subscribed to Sleep Talkin' Man. You may have seen him and his wife on various talk shows. The dude babbles some of the most crazy things while deep in slumber. I commented to a friend how I wished that my nocturnal rest was more colorful -- beyond snoring.  Then again, maybe I am but I've slept alone for so long no one has been around to tell me.

When I manage to remember my dreams, I have to admit, they are fairly colorful and twisted. Case in point: Last night my nighttime imagery brimming over with laughter due to a water fight.  If you're a dream analyst feel free to evaluate my psyche.

This involved me (a much thinner version per usual) and an adorable online, male friend.  We've never met in person. His cheeky comments make me smile and, well he's damn cute.  Now y'all can sit and wonder, "is it me!?" or "who the eff is she drooling over if it's not me?!?"

It's a spotty dream, to say the least, but what I recall is being in a kitchen that is not mine.  A modern layout. I can surmise that we'd just eaten and clean up duty was at hand.  We both burst into laughter when he turns the kitchen sink sprayer on full blast and aims it at me.  The hose on that was more like a garden hose than that of a sink. Giggling uncontrollably, I attempt to escape the spurting water, but he manages to follow me wherever I run in the domicile with the water on full blast.  All the while chortling until I fall to the floor, collapsing from exhaustion of laughter. I'm soaked from head to toe.  I look up at him and he has this expression of satisfaction.  Then, I woke up.

ARGH! I want to know what happened after I fell to the floor sopping wet. Damn it!  Oh well, I got up because I had to use the bathroom.  Shortly after returning to bed I went back into deep slumber. Surely I had more dreams but failed to have recall. 

Did I ever tell you about my Bill Clinton dream?


  1. Well, It's not me. I'm NOT adorable and we've met. Boo Hoo!

  2. Water, water, everywhere .... and not a drop to drink .....

  3. I rarely remember my dreams. Once upon a time, I had a dream about Captain Jean-Luc Picard, which is doubly confusing b/c 1) I was 15ish and 2) I am NOT a Star Trek fan.


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