Sunday, January 3, 2010


A few years back when my 20th high school reunion was being organized, I joined At that time it was really the best way to keep current with the ongoing plans.  I'm quite certain free sites like Facebook and Myspace weren't around or, if they were, they were in their infancy stages. Being part of had one major problem: I had to cough up funds to be granted full access to information and contact with friends.  That grated my nerves, but I assumed it would be worth the investment.  My gold membership was maintained for a couple of years but contact with former classmates was incredibly limited. I didn't attend the 20th reunion due to a personal cash flow problem. Ironic, isn't it?

With Facebook -- and once upon a time, Myspace -- being a social networking mecca (sorry Clark), it would seem that would realize that if people don't have to pay to reconnect, they won't.  Yet, this morning I received a notification that someone had signed my guestbook.  I clicked the link only to find that the person's identity was blocked and their image fuzzed over like those you see on COPS.  If I wanted to see who, what, where, when and why I need to dole out the cash.  No thanks.

What I also discovered about that website (when I was foolish to pay) is that you can't include email addresses or websites (such as a personal web log) in your correspondence.  Seriously! If you communicate with a person who is not a paying gold member you're not allowed to give them your email address to cut out the middle man.  I also find the site quite irritating to navigate.  There ought to be real perks to anteing up money for membership to a website. Like, how about making the boy who rejected my invitation to go to Winter Ball by claiming he wasn't going but went stag , to add insult to injury, come to my house and re-grout my shower?

Nearly everyone I know is on Facebook -- even our parents are signing up.  Some people choose not to be part of this phenomenon (yes, PK, I'm looking at you).  I can dig it.  Likewise, I'm one of few people who are not on Twitter. I have to disconnect at some point and I draw the line there.  Besides, I couldn't give two-rat's asses about John Mayer or Perez Hilton's goings on. I digress.

Because I use Facebook quite frequently (too often according to an egomaniacal blogger/podcaster) to pimp my blog, get in touch with friends -- replies are often quicker than if sent via email -- I have no use for  That means I took advantage of the unsubscribe feature today.  I'd leave a forwarding email address or link to my Facebook profile for those that rely on the site, but that's VERBOTEN! Psh. Once again, I feel relieved of a little more fat in my life. At least it's one less inane email in my yahoo mailbox. 


  1. I couldn't agree more! When my high school class was planning our reunion, one person signed on to Classmates to glean whatever info she could. However, we managed to get everyone's info without it. There's another site that's even worse,

  2. I had the exact same experience with that you did and I can hardly believe they're still around. Facebook and MySpace offer everything I wanted, and thought I was paying for, from them. Just be prepared for the "We want you back!" emails.

  3. I did not have the sense that God gave me for a while either and paid for that nonsense. I totally love FB for the re-connections and new connections I have made.

  4. is a total ripoff and the only reason they and other sites like them are still around is the alarming number of people who have not the first clue how to 'work' the web, but still want to catch up with old friends. These are the same people that sign up for that 'Video Professor' stuff.

  5. I adore Facebook! I never got into and hated paying for the service. I have reconnected with some truly amazing people that I had forgotten about and it has made me very happy!


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