Friday, January 1, 2010


It's a new dawn. It's a new day. It's a new life (for me) and I'm feelin' good.

2010 is here.  It seems only yesterday that I was making my first ever video blog!  Where did the time go?  Rehashing the year that has passed is not the intention of my rambling today.  You've been surfing the waves of 2009 with me.

Many people set goals for the coming new year.  The most common amongst those are to lose weight; stop smoking.  Perhaps a few will commit to donating time to charity or something similar and selfless.  But not me.  Oh, you can bet your sweet tushies that I'll be raising funds and walking in the Relay for Life.  Mancub has full intentions of being an Easter Seals Champion even though he's no longer in Beta Club (due to change of school).  He's going solo and I couldn't be more proud. What I'm referring to, personally, is that I am not setting a goal to lose weight and the like. My Rissolutions will be soul driven.  My life requires enrichment that may not be seen to the naked eye.  A friend of family member who hasn't seen me for a long while might not recognize, immediately, the change as they might if I dropped 50 pounds.  This endeavor is ongoing, but my belief is that I'll feel hundreds of pounds lighter by being tenacious in my quest.

My Rissolutions are as follows:
  • Be less critical of myself
  • Make a conscious effort to be kind -- even to those whom I outwardly do not like
  • Let go of preconceived notions about people regardless of how well I think I know them
  • Sideline anger
  • Embrace forgiveness
This quest is not me attempting to emulate Mother Teresa or Gandhi.  Though my ego is frail, it's not enormous enough to assume I could ever be that gracious.  I do, however, believe that the Rock of Gibraltar sized chip I carry around with me will be reduced.  Thereby, I'll be happier internally and a hell of a lot more fun to be around in all facets of my life. 

These Rissolutions might seem like major league tasks, but the results can be infinitely profound. Additionally, the process is on-going. I won't have to beat myself up by a specific date if, let's say, the scale tells me that I've undershot my goal. There is no means of measuring this.  I cannot fail!


  1. Riss, it sounds like you have the right attitude about resolutions. Good luck with the year ahead.

  2. You can't fail!! You're awesome!! :)

    Happy New Year!!

    (Word Verificiation: "DIDSO")

  3. "didso" is great!

    This is quite a challenge for me because, in general, I do not like or trust most people.

  4. Dearest Marissa,
    Your shoulders are looking better already. Knocking off the chip and throwing them back even enhances the already lovely girls- both of themmmmmmmm. Always Xoxoxo


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