Sunday, January 10, 2010

No! Really. I have nothing to say

Please accept my apologies.  I've not been diligent about writing. Sometimes the mood just doesn't strike. How other people write daily is beyond me.  To those of you who check my little corner in the blogosphere for new material, I am dutiful sorry for my absence.  It will happen again so I won't make empty promises I cannot keep.

With that being said, my creativity is still lacking.  Blame the bitter cold.  In the thirty minutes that I've been at my computer the temperature has actually dropped two degrees.  Currently we have a reading of -11°F.  Yes, that is a negative sign sitting arrogantly in front of the eleven.  I walked to the post office and little grocer yesterday. I thought it was foolish to warm up the car for just a 2 block hop, skip and a jump.  My tushy, in spite of all the blubber layering, didn't manage to lose the chill for a couple hours. What's really shocking is that my fingers and toes didn't lose circulation and turn deathly white.  The vascular gods were with me in my somewhat foolish endeavor.

Wow! For a gal with nothing to say I sure as hell babbled on.  What's really on the agenda today is this meme I found on Ms. Janey's blog, Confessions of a Middle-Aged Suburban Diva.

1. Do you have a former lover who you feel is “the one who got away”?
Well, he was never a lover, but in hindsight he's most definitely the one that should have been.  But I was young. I had no clue how to be a girlfriend and my emotions were all spent on losing my mother.

2. Do you have a nickname? If yes, do you like it?
My original nickname that was present on some things my dad had written was Rissy. Which I would have preferred because none of the neighborhood kids' grandma's had a schnauzer named that. Instead, my family called me Missy. Only family members and some very close friends can call me that and not cause me to cringe.  Now people call me Riss or Rissa. Neither of which I mind. I joke around that you can call me whatever you want, but never call me a bad mother.

3. Did you go to theater, museums, or art galleries growing up?
Without a doubt. Living an hour or so from Chicago always made field trips exciting.  The Museum of Science and Industry was a regular staple for grade school kids.  The smell of the Mold-A-Rama Lincoln heads being formed is embedded in my nasal cavity.  In sixth grade I was fortunate enough to see The Nutcracker Suite at McCormick Place with classmates.  I remember going on a Saturday. It was really a thrill.
Though I have no distinct memory of it, I'm sure we went to the Art Institute of Chicago and various other art museums. My father had attended art school. So it would seem logical that he'd want his children exposed to the culture, as well.

4. What shoes are you wearing right at this moment?

From Wildhair

5. What do people who know you think is your best feature?
A better question is: What's not to love about you? HA! OK, seriously, I know my boobs are not something that can be ignored. That doesn't make them my best feature. Hell, I don't know. I used to have great hair. Now it's blah and thinning but I don't know that other people notice it. My smile? Is that too common? Hell, you tell me. What's my best feature?

From Wildhair
6. What do you like on your pizza?
Veggies and more veggies. I can do without meat.  The crust should be hearty enough to withstand the weight of the toppings, but not so thick that it's the only thing you taste. In fact, I don't even require red sauce as the base.  Olive oil infused with garlic and other aromatic herbs is even better. Then. layer on the vegetables and a healthy amount of cheese. By healthy I mean pile it on.

7. Do you believe people who curse generally do so because of a lack of vocabulary?
Cursing is akin to saying "like" and "ya know what I mean?" or "dude!"  In those instances I do believe it may be a lack of learned vocabulary skills.
However, I curse because I can. I'm more prone to swearing when I'm ridiculously pissed off and on a rant or I'm comfortable with the company I'm keeping.

8. How well do you sing?
I do all right for myself. I suck at Karaoke. When I do it I suddenly become Bill Murray's SNL character Nick Winters: Lounge Singer. Put me in a choir and that's where I seem to shine. 

From Wildhair

9. How well do you get along with your family?
As long as there is Facebook, email and texting I'd say we'll be just fine.

From Wildhair


  1. I'd say the eyes have it my dear. Your eyes are truly beautiful.

    Also, your personality is infectious. Delightfully so.

    Thanks for sharing this little slice of you with all of us.

    Oh... it is appears there is a Knitting 911 Emergency.... you are in dire need of some **nice** hand knit slippers! Stay tuned for more on that one, my dear.

  2. You're eyes are beautiful! But I agree with Kat - your personality and soul are your best feature.

    Love the socks!

  3. The (in)famous Muppet socks! I agree that you need some nice hand-knit socks to replace those fuzzy creations. I like your smile but your eyes are wonderful as well.

  4. You sure talk alot when you have nothin' to say.

  5. Yea!! super socks just for me :D

    thanks, y'all. I'm glad to know my personality seems to be winning the feature vote.

    It's a scary place when I'm let out of the 140 character constraints, ain't it?

  6. Your writing is a `Stellar` feature.

    It's just too cold for Leos! Everybody should head south down Meheeco way.

    Last Wed `T` was OUTSTANDING! I've seen him lots over the years & this was the first time his daughter Antonia opened for him & the apple does not fall far from the tree. She has the same smooth style & delivery as her Dad, keeping the music alive -- 3 sixty five. That's what I like--Italian family up on stage & lots out in the audience. :-)It felt like Las Vegas. He said he's starting on an album with Stevie Wonder.

  7. Yikes, I call you Rissy all the time, didn't know you didn't like it, I'll quit, sorry,

  8. Rissy is OK. It's MISSY that makes me buggy when new friends use it.

  9. I like to get a decent crust, fresh mozzarella (the real stuff), a few sun-dried tomatoes (yes, I know they're passe- leave me alone) and get that cheese all nice and melty, then just prior to serving sprinkle with a few torn leaves of fresh basil and lightly drizzle with olive oil. Aaaah. Perfection.

  10. Jeff, that pizza sounds so yummy. When did sun-dried 'maters become passe'? I love them.


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