Thursday, January 28, 2010

Are you pondering what I'm pondering?

One thing people should never ask me is where my thoughts come from. Sometimes crazy stuff just pops into my head and blurt! My internal filter often malfunctions. Without asking for opinion, I do believe I'm getting better at biting my lip.

With that being said, here are some random thoughts that jumped into my head thus far today:

  • Valentine's Day is coming up. Should I bother shaving my legs?
  • The whites of these organic eggs look vaguely familiar...are we sure they aren't orgasmic eggs?
  • Why are the hairs on my chin course and whiter than white?
  • Why do I change the ring tones on my phone? They are rarely utilized.
  • Did I really babble and giggle for 1.5 hours? I should write a note of apology
  • Man! My hands are really ugly
  • Oh bloody hell! Someone needs to suck up the imposter lady bug carcasses.
  • I wish I was cooler than being cool.
  • Pretty brides in pretty dresses. Bitches.
  • If I could fly I'd be there for lunch.
There you have it. Perhaps I should keep journal for my meandering ponderances. "Rambling thoughts for a babbling babe." Should this be a regular item on my blog? What'cha think?


  1. Great idea. Of course I am somewhat of the smae ilk and therefore some of these thoughts got the obligatory snicker and chortle. Orgasmic eggs was the best though! And I notice you are using bloody hell! more frequently. Is this something to do with me? And where might you fly for lunch? See, you've got me doing it now. I really am an ADD boy.

  2. When I said smae, I of course meant same. Smae sounds like a Scottish ailment. "Ye've got a touch o' the smae, Hamish!"

  3. I would say your influence has something to do with the "Bloody hell!" as well as, watching a lot of Brit made comedies and Harry Potter. Bugger! Sod off! and Are you taking a piss? seem to eek into my lingo, as well.
    Seriously, y'all have some bloody brilliant sayings over there.

  4. I would be scared to write down my random thoughts through the entire day. LMAO


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