Thursday, October 8, 2009

Yesterday was GLEEday

No, I didn't fall asleep at the wheel nor did Rissy fall in a well. I knew yesterday was the day of GLEE. On dual levels. I was a happy girl. Jumping for joy kind of girl. Plus, at 8 pm central GLEE, the show, was on. I didn't send out my usual reminder because I had other pressing things going on other than writing about why Glee is my favorite not-so-guilty guilty pleasure. Nope. I had another totally unguilty pleasure to attend to. So there! Plus, my cold-funk was getting the best of my and it required a hot shower lasting close to 30 minutes to help break up the junk in my head.

Indeed yesterday was Glee night and I managed to leave work early enough to catch 30 minutes of the hour long program. Speaking of programs, my boss needs to get with the scheduling program and give me Gleeday night off. Sheesh! I don't like watching shows online that I can very well view on television. And NO! I don't own a DVR but you're welcome to buy me one for Christmas if it'll ease your conscience and give you a sense of ho-ho-ho holly jollies. If possible, you'll need to be available for connection because I am that dim when it comes to technology instructions. Hey! I got the kid's PS2 and dvd player hooked up without shorting out the household wiring. Give me some credit.

This song clip isn't from last night's episode. Last night it was a friendly competition of mashups between the girls (Halo/Walking on Sunshine) and boys (It's My Life/Confessions). Way cool! You do know what a mashup is, don't you? Just click the linkadinkadoos and you'll be treated. LOVE! The following song was performed in the pilot episode. I think. I'm confused. Anyway, it's when Finn (the football hotty who, deep down, has a heart of gold but is with a lying biotch of a girlfriend and all confused about what he wants and what he thinks he should do .... i digress) -- anyway, it is discovered that Finn can sing. In the shower. From that he's recruited to join Glee Club. Much singing and comedy ensues. Get it? Got it? Good. Now, one of the mighty might key elements of GLEE is their ability to entwine new music (Gold Digger, Take a Bow, Rehab) with old stuff (Don't Stop Believin', Somebody to Love, Leaving On a Jet Plane). That's stuff from my teen years, thank you very much. This clip happens to be one of those tunes.

This song speaks to me. So, bite me if you don't like it. Just don't click play. It's all up to you.

and as much as I do not like Avril Lavigne, this particular song jumped out at me while I was clicking the tunes on youtube.


  1. I'm a Glee fan, too! :-) Found your blog through PLURK, via Chia Rupe.

  2. I completely adore Glee -- it's a nearly perfect show. Feeds my nostalgia for my high school theatre geek days...they were the best!

  3. A couple of my friends work on this show. Is it that good? I'm gonna hafta Tivo... :)


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