Sunday, October 25, 2009

Golden leaves and bright sunshine expose my disposition

I sit here as the sunlight peeks through the slits on my mini-blinds that cover the bay window in my oh so humble abode.  There's a lovely autumn hue that coats my living room thanks to the sunshine casting light through the mighty maple in my front yard that has turned gloriously golden.  The days of bright sun and barely cloudy skies are limited in autumn; yet, I find myself loving the season for its crisp temperatures and smells.  My mind knows what will follow. Winter. The shortened days wreak havoc on my state of mind.  I try not to think ahead, but rather enjoy today.

Here I sit.  The aroma of tonight's dinner from the crock pot fills my home.  The appliance is rarely if ever used during warm months.  But a chilly fall day calls for it.  I love the idea of managing a delicious meal for my son without doting in the kitchen.  I'm freed up to go out for a brisk walk with my camera in hand (before they turn numb). 

I woke early out of habit.  Last night I fell asleep on the couch in an attempt to watch a movie with Mancub.  It's rather nice because I can get the most out of my day off before the time-clock strikes its hammer down telling me duty calls.  Once the sun broke over the horizon it shed light on the fact that my teen ager had cleaned up after I had gone to bed.  He folded the comforter I used.  He put my glass and bag of Twizzlers in the kitchen.  I'll make a point of expressing gratitude for completing a household task without my expectation or coaxing.  These are the little surprises that make me so proud to be a parent.

Happy Sunday.

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