Wednesday, October 21, 2009

'Time For Miracles' aka being runner up doesn't suck

No, Adam Lambert didn't technically win American Idol Season whateveritwas.  Kris Allen was crowned the winner.  But he's kind of under the radar right now.  Being runner-up isn't as bad as it may seem, ya know.  This is a track off the John Cusack blockbuster 2012.  It appears California is crumbling into the Pacific Ocean or something.  It's likely I won't see it until it comes out on dvd and is available on Netflix. 

While many of you might not be Lambert fans, I do like his flair.  Yeah, I said it. I do admit the song is a formula tune. It's very Aerosmith circa "Armageddon" love theme, don't ya think? You'd be hard pressed to  find something on the radio that isn't formulaic. Especially when it's being churned out by the American Idol master machine operators.  It'll get plenty of airplay. I'll sing it. Or rather I'll attempt to emulate the wail of Lambert. To anyone over hearing it they might be inclined to call 9-1-1.

Today is Wednesday.  By now you know what today means to me.  GLEE.  Get over it. I like the show.  No need to be hateful if you're not a fan.  You know who you are. If for nothing else (you naysayers) it's worth watching for the talents of Jane Lynch aka Sue Sylvester.

I'm a fan of the musical.  People break into song where an unseen full orchestra backs them and everybody, even the old people, know the choreography.  Shut. Up! Life would be a hellalot more pleasant if we were accompanied by song and dance. Someone said they would like the show a lot more if it wasn't for all the singing.  UH, it's about a glee club.  A show choir.  Singing while dancing. It's what they do. Sheesh. That's like saying you would have enjoyed THE SOUND OF MUSIC if they didn't sing so much.

Anyway, I'm done venting and look forward to the end of the work day.  I'm finally off work tomorrow. YEA!! Mancub and I have dental cleanings scheduled late in the day.  And, I believe the gigantic capacity washers are calling my name.  Bleah. 


  1. Hot damn! It was worth the wait! Now...the constructive criticism...the orchestration is too big, especially when he's hitting his trademark high notes toward the end. I would rather hear HIS VOICE than the million violins! LOL! I also got more pleasure from the song without all the distracting carnage and mayhem in the background...JEESH!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. ~~ ALERT ~~

    Your ROO performs LIVE on tomorrow morning around 8:30 EST (9:30 CST). If you want to check him out.

    He's in town for the big David Foster & Friends show tomorrow nite.

  3. I have to ask what PLJ stands for. I'm working tomorrow. BOOOO! Due to this job thing I missed Rick Springfield on Oprah! At least it's not always screwing up my viewing of Donny Osmond on Dancing With the Stars. Only sometimes.

  4. ``WPLJ 95.5 FM`` is a New York radio station located on the 17th floor of Madison Square Garden.

    ``THE BIG SHOW `` is on from 6a to 10a, & they have tons of great guests stopping by practically every day. ROO will be there tomorrow around 9:30a Central time. -- click LISTEN LIVE. Or if you can't, they usually have a video of the performance by the next day. Go to the HOME page, click THE BIG SHOW, & videos. And they usually have PHOTOS too. My friend works there--I got the inside track.

  5. Unfortunately, it looks like ROO is NOT making it to the station this morning.

    They just talked to VINCE VAUGHN tho, about his new movie ``COUPLES RETREAT``
    Can you believe Vince STILL REFUSES to get a cell phone? Old School!

    ROO's videos & pix are still up there on the PLJ Website from the last time he was there.

  6. When I was a kid PLJ stood for "Pure Lemon Juice"...


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