Monday, October 19, 2009

I don't care if Monday's blue

Nope. I don't care at all.  Monday gets a bad rap because it marks the start of yet another work week or a return to the rigors of school.  That's not the case in my line of work; however, I do feel for my son who has to become vertical after 48 hours of taking the video game posture.  It's interesting to watch him move from the long couch to the loveseat and then, eventually, to the floor where all the back couch cushions have landed. It's a hard knock life for the boy.

Working all weekend didn't afford me any time to think.  For those of you who know me well you realize that's a blessing.  It was busy enough to keep me motivated and moving.  With the decrease in spending, we're adjusting accordingly by cutting hours worked.  That means those of us fortunate enough to be working have to kick it up a notch like Emeril. BAM!! And boy did we.  A lot of laughs were had thanks to my hilarious lab partner.  Even while stressed we managed to crack ourselves up. 

Too exhausted to think, I was equally unmotivated to stand at the stove and come up with a nutritious concoction for dinner.  There is no recollection of cooking a meal all weekend for Mancub.  He ate.  But nothing that was prepared lovingly by your's truly. I'll make up for it during the week.  Campbell's and the Chef of Boyardee treated him kindly -- ugh. 

So, here we are facing Monday.  Even though I worked my hiney off all weekend I am not free for the day.  I have to put in another 8 hour shift.  I won't have a reprieve until Thursday!! Pre-TGIF!! Then, I work Friday and finally get to the weekend where I can pretend, for at least 48 hours that I'm like most of the work force and enjoy the weekend.

Aroma Park Fire Department is having their annual Haunted Woods.  That has promise.  Additionally, St. Aquinas is hosting Haunted High School.  Mancub and I have never been to a haunted house together.  With consideration to his love of reality ghost shows, I think he'll get a kick out of the choreographed fright fests.  Our favorite show is GHOST HUNTERS.  We're most freaked by A HAUNTING because their reinactments make us jump out of our skin.  Laughter is shared when viewing GHOST ADVENTURES.  Those guys are such goobers.  Particular douchebaggetiness exudes from the overly hair gelled tool of a host, Zak Bagans.  His name is even easy to convert to Douche Bagans.  It's just so humorous. 

Anywhooooo, we'll definitely find something fun to do while I'm off this coming weekend.  With daylight being limited, it's necessary to chase away the seasonal blues.  Even when it's supposed to be daylight, the sun is shrouded by looming rainclouds -- an overcast of autumn's funk.  When the weather is determined not to provide sunshine, we have to cast our own rays of light ... smile.


  1. Tuesday's grey & Wednesday too

    >> It's Friday you're in love

  2. You go girl! Kick that retail ass!!! :D I have no clue what we're doing this weekend. Money is so fricking tight right now. Lordy. Never, ever, EVER buy a house and get married at the same time. TRUST. ME.


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