Saturday, October 17, 2009

Semi-silent Saturday

I am having a moment of ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhm. While I'm not physically sitting in the lotus position, it is happening mentally. With an aside of a hissing cat, it's very peaceful. Nudged out are the feelings of angst and deliberation over questions about having said the wrong thing or taking a misstep.


What comes after that? Hey nonny nonny?

This peacefulness may erupt into a barrage of incessant, stupid questions once I step off the porch and make my way to the insanity of retail workery for the next eight hours.  But for now ....


With consideration to my co-workers, the following should be a warning:
Whether you feel comfortable doing it today or not, you have to start expressing yourself more clearly. Share your feelings! If you are feeling good, let folks know. And if you are feeling grumpy, let them know even sooner! Keeping people informed about your every emotion might seem self-involved, but it's not. Right now it's important that when you are working in a group, you make sure other members of that group know what mood you're in.

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