Friday, October 30, 2009

This one is just f'ing scary

Listen to your heart closely today, because it's going to alert you to a new romance or love opportunity. This might not involve romance in the terms of a significant other -- it could very well mean that more romantic ideas and concepts are becoming more prominent in your life. But either way, you should keep yourself open to new opportunities and do whatever you can to honor a recent commitment you made with someone you have known for a very long time.

....and right before Halloween. Maybe this would be more appropriate on April 1.  For as long as you've all known/read me, you've probably gathered that I am a hopeful sort.  While I get discouraged and over-think e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g, I still keep the faith that one day my time will come to have all the warm fuzzy feelings of romance and not find them skipping town at the first notion of me reciprocating.

I don't like being toyed with.  For sure there are people who get a thrill from that cat and mouse game.  I don't.  There's no doubt in my mind that you've all come to the conclusion that I don't put up with bullshit for very long.  In my marriage I had to tolerate a lot because of the messy legality of being bound together.  That doesn't explain how I put up with it while we dated.  There is no reasoning for that beyond being lost in any abyss of youthful stupidity, residual grief and fear of loneliness.  Blah blah.  We're living in today.  On ward!!

OK, so romance hasn't been my bestest friend as of late. OK, that might not be all together true, but romance within my control.  It's been many, many, MANY years since the spark of romance has tickled my fancy to such a degree that I can view someone beyond knocking boots for a few weeks before becoming mightily bored. And that's not romance. That's lust.  And my boots haven't been knocked or remotely nudged in a .... what year is it?  At what point can a woman be considered a born again virgin?

Due to that great length of time between ... ya know, I have to tread carefully.  If ever there was a time that I need to over think a situation it's now.  This is not a cry out for pity sex nor is it an invitation for every lonely goober to come knocking on my door thinking I'm hard up enough to take whatever crosses my path.  No, this isn't about getting my groove on, y'all. Though I do think there's probably some debate on whether I'd be less of a bitch if someone was permitted to clear out the cobwebs. The debate will have to continue (and no, I doubt it will change a thing about my nature.)

I want to also clear up that I am not a cougar and I find the term irritating and tremendously overused.  In fact, add the person who came up with the term to the list of people I'd love to punch in the face.  I did the 'cougar' thing before it had a label. Long before Demi and Ashton hooked up and Tweeted their every thought, I dated men much younger than myself. Beyond trysts it all became boring very quickly.  To be honest, being able to get a young guy interested isn't rocket science.  There's not a lot of effort necessary.  It's like tossing raw meat into a den of wolves. So, the fact that women my age are high-fiving each other for getting some young beefcake to partake in bedroom frivolity is just ridiculous.  

So yeah, this road diverted.  I apologize about that.  That's the risk you take when you read my blog.  You're bound to find yourself  cruising on Randomosity Drive.

Happy Halloween!! 


  1. Hi Riss,

    I HATE the term cougar too, but really it only applies to older women who >> prey on younger dudes. If the younger dudes ``seek YOU out`` ---> it DOESN'T apply. (so sez TMZ...& of course, they KNOW!)


    My boyfriend is 10 years younger than me & we get along just fine. Nobody ever mentions it or questions it... nobody would even know unless we told our ages.


  2. The origin of the term 'cougar' has been bastardized, for sure. That's mostly why I loathe it.

    Still loving the LL Cool Spense. Watch for a blog post about just how incredibly awesome he is. WEE!


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