Saturday, October 3, 2009

Thelma and Louise exposed!

If you're a long time reader of this blog then you know who Thelma and Louise are -- I'm not speaking about the duo played by Susan Sarandon and Gina Davis. Thelma and Louise are my chest dwelling friends. Like many men nickname their tallywackers, I named my breasts. I know a lot of women who have. Stop giggling! This is a serious matter.

Who of you doesn't like to look at bare chests? This isn't limited to men (or women) who like to gaze upon breasts of all shapes and sizes. This includes male chests. Hairy or smooth, well defined or fleshy. There is a site that suits every desire in this realm. I often catch myself admiring a well defined set of shoulders and pectorals.

What's most spectacular about this site is that it's for a noble cause: Raising money for breast cancer research!! Yes, in celebration of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the website Boobie-thon is doing such a thing. Real people anonymously exposing their pecs and funbags. Ante up the dough and set your sights upon a plethora of bountiful babes and beaus.

This has been fun for me. Everyday I walk around giving away free views of my tatas under wraps. It's not as if I flash in a grand gesture to win beads a la Mardi Gras style. I joke about my breasts because they are so in-your-face. I figured it's time these ginormous gazongas did something positive -- other than igniting arousal *snort*.

Naturally, I am not alone in this venture. Men and women are contributing. Survivors also post pictures. Tears immediately streamed from my eyes when I viewed the symbols of such bravery, courage and determination while facing a undetermined fate. There is such beauty in the photos of breast cancer survivors. Their scars tell a story.

My hope and prayer is that you'll take your monthly coffee money or pack your lunch every day this month in order to donate generously to such a bodacious cause.

I wouldn't consider myself an exhibitionist. Big fan of turtlenecks, here. In fact, I'm quite modest when it comes to nudity. The first photo I submitted to Boobie-thon was fully adorned. Completely covered. After viewing the other submissions on the site, I felt as if I'd not done enough. This morning I awoke very early. Pre-coffee I stripped off my nightshirt in the dark of the early morn. With my pink Sony Cybershot in hand, I set the 10 second timer.


That was easy. Maybe another.

Flash again

Hmmm maybe a sexy bra shot

Flash, flash, flash, flash

Luminescence would be nice

Dust on shimmer powder

Flash, flash


Crop. Edit. Save. Send.

Go on. Go find me. Donate graciously and compassionately. doesn't directly take the funds. You get to choose either Susan G. Komen for the Cure or Paypal DaGoddess Fund.
Personally, I wish I had an award to give out to anyone who correctly identifies Thelma and Louise in the raw. But when you think about it, isn't helping save lives prize enough?


  1. Wow -- that is a really unique idea and you are certainly dedicated to the cause! I'll have to take a look or two!

  2. Thank you, Angie. I hemmed and hawed about contributing.

  3. Yes I am looking at your asperands


    Your efforts are fantastic and I often refer to your wonderful ideas amongst our Group in Australia whom do quite a lot of fundtraising for this wonderful cause.

  4. Thank you, Jim. Who knew my asperands would make it full circle on the blog, huh? lol Thank you for being part of the efforts.

  5. Fantastic! I need to buckle down and submit mine. On the to-do for tomorrow. Wait. Is that sacrilegious?

    My list:
    1) Go to church. Pray. Worship.
    2) Come home, take nekked lechita shots, submit.


  6. I've searched the bosom galleries intensively....please give us a clue, which ones are yours ??

  7. Always said you had a nice pair...of eyes.

  8. heh. Nicely written, although any names my tallywhacker has been called were bestowed upon it by women. I find names dsassociative, and I like to feel connected to my bits ;)

    Congratulations on breaking out of your shell. Or turtleneck, as it were.

  9. Mee Likey -- I hope today's post will help you find Thelma and Louise.

    Jeff, thank you for keeping your eyes above my name tag -- at least when I was talking to you.

    Matthew, thanks so much! I think I can understand you wanting to remain connected to your bits -- what man wouldn't? Bobbitt anyone? ouch!

  10. Very nice pics, but the funny thing is I recognized your hands first - weird huh?


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