Monday, November 23, 2009

Shopping is not my bag

I've probably given the impression that I'm not a shop-a-holic. Finding styles that I like in my size isn't limited to bras. I'm tall and have plenty of junk in my trunk.  That combo makes finding really stylish clothing a hassle. But my dislike of shopping isn't limited to personal fashions.  What's involved in shopping is a lot of math. Meaning I deliberate thusly: I worked X number of hours to earn the money item Q costs. No item is alluring to me unless a deep discount is attached to it.  If I'm not going to get tons of use out of the item I usually pass it by.  Grocery shopping makes me break out in hives... Thank you ALDI for making this experience less itchy and scratchy.

I'm big fan of shopping online. Quite often I can find items far less expensive than what's available in stores. I watch for FREE SHIPPING and easy returns.  A rush overcomes me when I get to the check out and it ask "do you have a coupon" -- and I DO!! But when I don't, I feel defeated.  Where do people get the savings discount codes?? I have the answer.!  Yes, even coupon codes for amazon.  Speaking of, this week is BLACK FRIDAY WEEK.  Special values abound on everything.  I use it mostly for mp3 digital downloads. The powers that be are giving you a jump start savings of $3.00 instant credit.  There are 500 downloadable cds for a mere $5.00. Hello! The newest releases by Rihanna and Adam Lambert are only $3.99.  You get an entire compilation for only 99 cents. That's what most single downloads cost. Woo! Now would be a great time to buy tunes for your Christmas soundtrack. 

This has been my public service for the day.  You're welcome ... keep an eye out for more shopping advice from yours truly.


  1. Target's gonna be selling $3 blenders!


    GLAMBERT is sheduled to be on the BIG SHOW tomorrow morning about 8:10 a EST. He'll probably sing something & try to 'splain his AMA performance -- if you're around & care to listen ... click `LISTEN LIVE`

    & on right before Adam ... Richie Sambora is having a charity auction for a girl with a brain tumor ... to help with her medical expenses ... Never a dull moment over there... but I don't know why Bon Jovi just doesn't pick up the whole tab -- they certainly can afford it.

  3. Check that.

    CST - CHICAGO Time. I'm all mixed up since I'm back here.

  4. I also find,, and good to find online codes.



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