Saturday, November 28, 2009

All I want for Christmas ...

I just called work to see when they'd need me today.  My original start time of 10 AM is being pushed back to Noon. While the rest of the retail world is being given a jump start by Black Friday, the world of optics takes a crash course in the harmonies of crickets chirping.  I've already showered.  Sitting here in my robe with wet hair; a cute kitten curled up on my lap, I have to ask what else do I need?  Another cup of coffee preferably delivered to me by a loving, hunky man who understands that kittens on laps are best left undisturbed.  Yep. I'm daydreaming again.  While I know there's a perfect bra out there for me so is the ideal man.  Perhaps the two will be found on the same day. Choirs of angels sing as the heavens open up with a hallelujah chorus.

The playful melody of "All I Want For Christmas Is You" keeps ringing through my head.  I can't help it. There's no shame in having a one track mind, is there?  After all, it could be slithering about in the gutter.  The tune changes from that to "Please Come Home For Christmas" and "Merry Christmas Darling."  Yeah, this middle aged often times cranky woman is really a romantic at heart. But I'll bet you already knew that.  Nevermind the razor wire, alligator infested moat and towering wall made of nearly impenetrable steel.  There's a key to the secret door.

OK, my mind just drifted off into lolly lulu land. Back to reality. The kitten hopped off my lap leaving a slight puncture in my thigh.  My lukewarm coffee isn't going to heat itself.  Cartoon Network was just flicked on the telly. My wet hair is air drying in a most unbecoming way.  Add to it my need to put on a bra because the droopage of the boobage is causing a sensation that is less than comfortable.

Have a groovy weekend. The holiday season has officially begun.


  1. May your boobage sensation be more comfotable and your holidays be merry. See, I can dream too. LOL

  2. While I can't personally help you with either issue w00t, I can certainly wish you happy holidays and hope you fill both wishes soon!

  3. Thanks guys! That's the spirit. And when those wishes aren't fulfilled, I always have 'the drink.'


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