Friday, May 29, 2009

You be the judge

I just flicked on the radio and the song "Not Meant To Be" by Theory of a Dead Man was playing. I've heard the song before and I've also seen the tail end of the video to find American Idol useless fourth judge Kara DioGuardi is featured in the vid.

What struck me interesting is that I thought what I was hearing was that shittastic song DioGuardi co-wrote for the Idol finalists to sing and ultimately record (for the winner). She should "apologize" to Kris Allen for making that his first release.

Maybe I'm totally off base, but I did think it. Maybe it's the Adam Lambert version that sounds more like Theory of a Dead Man since his take on it was heavier on the rock. Still sucked.

So what is DioGuardi doing in that Dead Man video? Is she shtuping the lead singer? I could look it up on Google, but I have to take a shower.

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  1. I misread your blog at first, I thought you meant that if you looked up Kara on Google it would make you feel so dirty that you would have to shower. While that may very well be true, I don't think that was your intent. Either way, I have barred my sensitive ears from listening to Kara's song so I can't offer an opinion.


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