Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday Shake Down

We're nearing the big day for RELAY FOR LIFE. Our fabulous team, which is celebrating its 2nd anniversary of existence, Hunger for a Cure, is scrambling for more donations. That's where you all come in. I know it's really hard to make ends meet. You're not alone. I am not going to make you feel guilty for blowing your hard earned cash on the "as seen on TV" products I shared in yesterday's comical post. I know the temptation is just too hard to resist. However, you must. Instead, I need you to click the photo to the right. It will take you to my champion page. Donation amounts don't have to be huge. Five. Five Dollar. Five Dollar ... skip the Subway sandwich. Make it yourself and give The American Cancer Society your money instead.

The people you see posing with our amazing banner (it was the biggest in the parade) are my sister Maureen (who is a cancer patient) and her son Justin. Justin is currently a sophomore in high school. He's all kinds of awesome. He designed our team logo. He can play the ukulele. Maureen's other son, Michael, just finished his freshman year in college where he was the starting center on the basketball team. He's all kinds of awesome, too.

"So, that's all nice and dandy, Riss, but why are you blathering on about people I don't know?"

I do so with hopes that you realize cancer is everywhere and it takes a village to support those who live with it. My village (no I am not the idiot) involves YOU. I need your support.

I promise to post tons of pictures and video. Yeah, you'll get a dose of Rissananigans during the walk day festivities. The event goes into the wee hours of the morning and I get loopy when I'm tired. It could prove to be quite hilarious or frightening. Last year I wasn't armed with a camera, which is a darn shame. A guy gave me a massive pearl necklace in front of people! Whoa daddy!! I even begged for it. That's just the kind of girl I am.

The weekend of the Relay for Life even is June 13-14. I'm looking forward to walking with so many hopeful people. It's a fantastic day I get to spend with family and friends. I hope you'll join us in spirit.

Thank you in advance for your contributions.


  1. I've decided that I'm going to donate again toward your team in memory of two friends that I lost last week to cancer rather than send flowers to their funerals- their names are Jill and Carole and they would both appreciate that far more. Once I get around to balancing the checkbook in the next few days, I'll stop by and add to your total a bit.

  2. Sherrie, first let me express my sympathy for the loss of your friends. My prayers are with the families and friends of Jill and Carole.
    Now, I thank you for your generosity and kindness. Giving to this endeavor is a wonderful way to give memorial for the lives they lived and the battle they fought.


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