Sunday, May 24, 2009

Precious and few

Our sweet little Silver found comfort on my lap this morning. Moments like that are very rare. Mancub is still in bed; therefore, not able to provide a warm lap for her to snooze upon. Desperate times call for desperate measures. That's where I come in. Silvy will only hop on my lap when her boy isn't available. I'll take it! She was purring and needling my cellulite riddled thighs with her front claws. Gritting through the pain I gently petted her teeny little body. And who knows, maybe she'll help reduce the unsightly indentations!

Through all of this monumental snuggling I endured a cheesy movie on Lifetime. I had been watching "Will and Grace." I erred when I didn't bring the remote with me to the desktop pc. With a slight lean to the left I can still see the television. On Idol nights I shifted everything so I wouldn't miss a beat or babbling moment of the judges ... eventually Silver hopped down but not before touching her nose to mine. Awww. Fresh coffee and the remote were acquired.

Have you managed to pay a visit to my Relay for Life donation page yet? I don't mean to be a nag, but I haven't attained my goal yet. The photo above is us making our team lap. Justin and I are carrying the banner while Mancub (l) and Maureen and Michael (r) walk along. Kris and her daughter Alisa are behind the banner. The little feet you see underneath belong to them.
Donating is easy and painless. I want to extend a special thanks to Sherrie W. for donating more than once. Sadly, two friends passed away due to the evil grasp of cancer. Rather than sending flowers she opted to dedicate her donation toward our endeavor to raise funds to find the cure for cancer. I'm deeply touched that she chose HUNGER FOR A CURE as a means of memorial for her loving friends who fought a tough battle.

My goal is to never guilt anyone into making donations. I am aware that several of you already commit funds to charitable causes. God Bless you! I hope you'll take this as a gentle reminder. I was raised Catholic-ish, but I've given up the guilt part of it. Trust me when I say I fully understand how difficult it is to make ends meet right now. I struggle to stay afloat some weeks. My suggestion is this: If you're unable to donate financially, please try to join a group to walk or run in a cause. You'd be surprised what that camaraderie will do for the human spirit. Solidarity in numbers.

When I sent out the call for Mancub's fund raising efforts with Easter Seals, I was blown away by the outreach and donations. As a result, he was given special recognition at his National Junior Beta Club commencement and initiation ceremony on Tuesday, May 19. He raised the most amount of money for an individual. If you recall, he was on television with Miss Champaign-Urbana to present his Champion Check. That achievement speaks volumes on the amazing generosity of people in the blogosphere.


  1. Sounds like you had a peaceful start to your Sunday.
    Relay for Life is such a great cause, I hope you meet your goal.

  2. Thank you for providing a meaningful way for me to remember my friends Jill and Carole. I know that flowers are a nice gesture for the surviving family, but they are a short term comfort while a donation to the Relay for Life will have a lasting impact that will honor their memories.

  3. We are slaves to the cats, aren't we? I'll check out your donation page today :)

  4. What a great start to a Sunday! I am now the person of a kitty who is only cuddly when he feels like it. Mack used to allow you to snuggle with whenever so a standoffish cat is a little weird for me!


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