Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tickled pink with kindness

You could have knocked me over with a feather. Valentine's Day, you know the day I love to hate, turned out to be something fantastic. First came the handmade card from Mancub (Yes Lydia, I will post the real thing soon.) That in itself helped turn the heart-filled day around. Then, I got to work and no one irked me right out of the gate. Again, this is something unprecedented. So, you might want to make a side note on your calendar about that. As many of you know, I am not wholly fond of everyone with whom I work. Go figure! Yeah, like I'm the only person who has daydreams of tripping co-workers and kicking them while they are down. Or, ever so lovingly tapping them with the bumper of my car. Psh!
The next thing that helped make the day less regrettable and annoying needs some explaining. So, here goes...
A couple of years ago I bought a fellow lab tech a birthday card and passed it around to be signed (we look out for our own unlike the retail staff.) Another birthday rolled around and I did the same thing. Someone commented about how special that card seemed. It suited the receiver perfectly. Birthday by birthday I found myself repeating the same thing. I compiled a list of birthdays for our entire staff and began posting the birthdays monthly. About a week before the birthday boy or girl's day, I would buy a card and pass it around to be personalized with sarcasm, wit or simply a signature. I enjoy doing it because I fully believe the date a person greeted the world for the first time should be celebrated. Each of us has touched the lives of others regardless in some capacity. Even if I'm not particularly fond of someone, I still feel their birthday deserves recognition. After all, without the annoying shlock, how would I have more appreciation for the people I do like?
Back to Valentine's Day 2009. I was eating my lunch at the same time the retail manager and general manager were dining. One of our doctors joined us. Typically, I like to eat my lunch alone. I rather enjoy the silence. Saturdays do not provide me with solitary dining. I finished devouring my chicken sandwich and still had some time to kill. So, I remained in the back and took part in the blathering. It happens. I'm not always prickly. After a few minutes I realized it was time for me to clock back in and get to work. Before doing so, I wanted to check my cell phone for missed calls or texts (hey! it could happen.) The lockers are in the break room. The general manager asked the doctor to ask the other supervisors to come back to the break room. My assumption was that they were calling an impromptu meeting while we were all together on the same day. While I was attempting to text a friend a Valentine wish, out of my peripheral I saw the management brood carrying what appeared to be gifts. What the ... ?
The gifts were for me. With tears welling in my eyes, I asked "what for?" I've made it a point to never let them see me cry. That was the past. At least temporarily. They declared they wanted to show me how much they appreciated how I took on the birthday announcement and purchasing cards over the years (I don't expect nor do I want to be reimbursed for the cards. It's my thing.) Through the fog of tears I heard one of them tell me how my cards are often the only personalized wishes some people get and it makes a world of difference on morale.
Included in my bevy of gifts was a PINK Build-a-Bear monkey; a little bottle of champagne with disposable glasses (not to be consumed on the premises); my favorite candy in the world -- Fanny May fruit slices and popcorn cups filled with candy and a movie theater gift card to be shared with Mancub. Then, add to the goodies another gift bestowed up on me Monday. My co-lead tech gave me a little plaque that reads "I can only compensate so much for your STUPIDITY!" Upon delivery she said she had to buy it because it sums up my attitude perfectly. ::sigh::
The funny thing about the monkey is that about a month ago my lab manager handed me a Build-A-Bear brochure asking me what item I felt another co-worker would like. He said he wanted to make her feel special since she seems to go unnoticed. While perusing the pamphlet, I cooed over the silly cuteness of the pink monkey. Without realizing it, I was selecting my appreciation gift! Yeah, I'm a dork.
I'll be adding a thank you card to my stack of birthday card purchases. I wonder if they have one that says, "I appreciate your generosity and gratitude towards me. However, don't think this is going to make me like you any more -- but it will prevent me from liking you less. For now." HA (I kid!)


  1. maybe a little dork, though such a sweet dork! :)

  2. That is so cool! I love it when kindness comes full circle. That monkey is really cute :)

  3. I loved reading this!!!
    Karma, hard at work.
    Proof, in case you were wondering, that you are indeed awesome.

  4. That is so cool! (And so unlike the usual behavior of your coworkers, what a nice change.) The pink monkey is mighty, mighty cute- thanks for letting us in on this unexpected bright spot in your work life!

  5. Great story! How lovely that you were able to receive some of the kindness you show to others.


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