Thursday, February 26, 2009


Frank Black (of the Pixies) says it far better. Do a little clicky-pooh and enjoy while my head throbs.
I scorched my tongue on my too hot chicken noodle soup. I just watched for the first and last time "Semi Homemade" on the Food Network. I have to ask who that woman seduced to get her own show. She's dreadful. Her ideas aren't lavish or intricate or even requiring a damned recipe. In fact, I think I have a kids's cook book that has the same stuff. GAH! And her retro Farrah 'do isn't working on her oversize melon head that sits atop her anorexic waifish neck. I totally wanted to stab her with a fork. Seriously.

Headache - Frank Black


  1. I hope you feel better soon! Semi Homemade? Oh boy no one should have to watch that show for any reason!

  2. Dreadful.

    The power of judgment over someone else making us feel all the more superior.

    Yet, Rupe's certain it's all in good form. And true, too.

    Mayhap "I'm Burnin' For You" by BOC might be a tad more appropriate, Rupe thinks.

    Performing Monkey Business -----> Ruprecht

  3. P.S. Nice new heading. Rupe likes it.

  4. I hope you feel better soon, but watching Sandra Lee is not the way to get there! She's liable to make you even more sick to your stomach.


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