Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy February or what's not to love?

There are two things very apparent from reviewing this video: Turtlenecks are not flattering on me and I make some seriously screwed up faces. What's not to love?!?
This was intended to be a perky welcome to the month that is the shortest on the calendar, celebrates love and Black History Month. The results are anything but chipper. Watch.


  1. First, let me say how VERY MUCH I ADORE YOU! You are made of awesome and the men that have let you slip through their phalanges are MORONS! Asshats! DUMB ASSES!

    Second, being married is NOT a ticket to a "Happy Valentine's Day". Not even close. Trust. Me.

    Third, Be my Valentine?

  2. Oh, goodness, the cold has really gotten to you! Cheer up, spring's a comin' ... Go do something you really like today and don't feel guilty for doing it.

  3. I don't like Valentine's Day either, shhhh. About the Mama Mia thing, don't do it. I totlly agree with how you asses the male tendency to come up with ideas for gifts, I saw it day in and day out and it made me laugh.

    I have the feeling that me and you would have a lot to talk about.

  4. I have the wrong parts, and long distance never works, but I pledge undying love to you. You are wonderful, and you're so not alone. Just 2 more weeks and we can all exhale. XOXO

  5. Riss,

    Hope Sean's Big Bag o' Swag brightens up your cold, dull February. It's almost Spring, & Spring is almost Summer, & Summer is LEOs time to *RAWR* Everyday it's a-gettin closer, goin faster than a rollercoaster.

  6. NAMG!! Definitely!

    Chase, the cold is indeed getting to me. Maybe that's part of my issue. However, V-day has always been sucko for me. It'll be a chapter in the Book of Riss.

    CDM, we'll have that chat some day. Hit me up on yahoo messenger or facebook.

    Lydia, I'm so glad we have each other as kindred spirits on this aspect of life. BAH! Thank you for the blog post in my honour. Truly, I'm touched.

    CAT! You are too funny. I doubt SD will send me your declined bag-o-swag. He'll be gracious and send it to the next runner-up. I get plenty of blog love :) I'd hate for him to be accused of playing favorites.

  7. I am a friend of Lydia's and I checked in on your blog. I absolutely LOVE LOVE this post. Not the part of you having such a suck ass February but the humor in it. It made my day.

    I haven't seem Mamma is good?

  8. I think he WILL send a bag o swag selected specially for you. I won it fare & square & I'm giving it to you.

  9. that would be `fair` & square
    can't spell or type today


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