Saturday, February 14, 2009

the BEST gift EVER

Here is the key for a single mom to forget how much she loathes Valentine's Day:

  • Be a 14 year old boy who seems absorbed in his own video game playing world
  • Take an ordinary piece of copy paper
  • Fold it in half length wise
  • Fold it again, downward
  • Write on the front "Dear Mom, I hope you like this gift, (open)"
  • Flip it open (length wise)
  • Write at the top of the page, "It's the best that I can give."
  • Write on the lower half of the folded sheet "I hope you like it because ..."
  • Unfold the page so it is flat
  • Write at the top "...because it's my heart ..."
  • Draw a big red heart in the center of the page
  • Write at the bottom "... Happy Valentine's Day!"
  • Refold it so it appears to be a card
  • Give it to your mother and watch her cry



    Happy Valentine's Day to YOU & MANCUB, for right now you got each other & that's a WHOLE LOT.

    X O X O X

  2. What a great gift!
    You know I hate the holiday, but Mancub's heart well that's something altogether. *HUGS*

  3. Mancub rocks the house! That is SO cool, you've got a heck of a good kid on your hands.

  4. And you don't like Valentine's Day.


    Sometimes, Riss, it comes from a love ever common and continuously there.

    Happy Valentine's Day.

    ................. Ruprecht

  5. Rupe, you're right. I, like so many I criticize, get caught up in the commercialized version of the day and forget. Sure, being shot in the ass by Cupid's arrow would be cool, but having such a sweet feller in my life every single day is reason for celebration.

    Mancub is awesome! He gives me hope for the present and future.

  6. This is delightful! Like mother, like son.
    Can you post a pic, so we can see his handiwork? :)


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