Tuesday, February 10, 2009

File it under ... ?

Let's see. What shall I slap out here for your reading pleasure?
I logged on to a blog where I often comment to discover I had been either doinked or the comment got lost in the blogosphere. This is a first for me (that I'm aware of). So, it's definitely raised an eyebrow. Rather strange since I saw it there for a couple of hours after making the remark, but I know these things happen. I didn't ask about it. I guess I'll just chalk it up to improper use of an asperand. It seemed fitting since breasts were involved in the post title. I'll file it under: Unsolved mystery (mystery solved. The blog author explained the situation. Do not panic. Do not be concerned. ALL IS WELL good people. )
I met my sister over at her old house to help do more sorting of all things pack-ratted and left behind. I can honestly say it felt like we got little accomplished. I did, however, come home with a couple additions to my wardrobe, martini and wine glasses, and lung full of ick. The house hasn't been occupied in several months. I'll file it under: in the name of love.
I picked up my mail and found a super surprise (actually, I knew it was coming.) I received honey from a fellow plurker. It's not that stuff you find on the shelves in the cute little honey bear container. This is honest to goodness real honey made by the bees she tends to. How fantastic is that?! I LOVE HONEY. I can't wait to make a cup of tea, put some on my whole wheat English muffin or just take a teaspoon for the pure enjoyment of it. I'll file this under: kindness sweeter than natural honey.
Tonight is American Idol night. It's a real bonding time for the Mancub and me. He's catching on to the snarking aspect of viewing. He's come up with some major league zingers. There's one crazy chick named Tatiana. Her laugh is obnoxious and last week she went One Life to Live dramatic in her praise of God for being allowed to stay in the competition. Her fellow group members, with wide eye glares, were surely contemplating homicide. She's assured a spot as one of the most memorable nutjobs to make it to Hollywood. Tonight the *cough* esteemed *cough* judges will decide the fate of her and the other hopefuls. I'll file this under: I have no life.


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